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Wednesday, April 30, 2003

Andy and Rory at Andy's boot camp grad, 04-18-03 in Great Lakes, Illinois

Saturday, April 26, 2003
Fort Meade: Welcome

Andy's here now, preparing to attend journalism school. or at least that is my understanding. he's already called twice sounding quite chipper and we get to ditch the snail mail: he's got an address with an @ in it. :)

Friday, April 25, 2003
Court upholds burglar

a repeat felon is watched by police, who arrest him after he attempts to
burglarize a couple of places. he is convicted and sentenced to 110 years
to life in prison.

rambo gets drunk and pissed off, tears down a san pedro street, swerves
into the opposing lane and wipes my 21-year-old daughter off the face
of the earth. she does not only attempt to kill she succeeds in killing.
after that, she drags the 119-pound body of her victim about 100 yards
down the road and dumps it in the median, where approximately all
of bekah's blood leaves her body via her head. the stain left in
the median remains visible for most of a year. bekah's head is
so badly damaged we are persuaded never to see
our girl again.

rambo speeds away from bekah's dead body. in spite of the head-sized
shattering of her car's windshield right in front of her face, this
killer successfully navigates the extremely sharp turn onto the dark
winding two lane road that leads to her husband's ocean view home
without any problem. when she gets home she goes to sleep so soundly
that neither policemen in her bedroom nor the barking of dogs can
rouse her; according to the "murder book," her husband has to shake
her awake so that she can be arrested. she never expresses concern,
remorse, not even curiosity, regarding the person whose life she
stole so casually, not to bekah's family, not to the police,
certainly not in court. not at deposition.

rambo is allowed to plead out of the murder charge, allowed in
fact to plead "no contest" to felony vehicular manslaughter
with gross negligence while intoxicated and felony hit and
run. at the pleading her lawyer states for the record that
his client is not conceding blame or fault in the violent
gruesome death of an innocent beautiful 21-year-old stranger.

rambo is sentenced to 4 years in state prison. she will serve
two. it's my understanding that this homicidal drunk was 52
years old when she murdered bekah. she will, apparently,
celebrate her 55th birthday out of prison.

she was not a convict when she murdered bekah, but she did have
a misdemeanor arrest warrant for grand theft outstanding on the
day my daughter was killed. she was driving without a valid
driver's license and, according to her statement to the
detectives following her arrest, prior dui convictions.

so, attempt burglary, get 110 years to life. murder Bekah Zask,
get out of prison in two years.

say what?

Thursday, April 24, 2003
back, home...great vacation. mailbox full of spam, cats crazy, tired, tired, tired.

but it WAS great. then i tried to look at my blog and, WHAT? got a weird page of code and archive links, dunno why. anyhow.

will do this right at a later date. must now unwind from seven wonderful but extraordinarily busy days. and just BE for a bit, thanks. :)

Wednesday, April 16, 2003
National Weather Service : Zone Forecast : Lake , Illinois

well, the forecast is looking somewhat better, but it does look like we'll be flying into weather in chicago and the great lakes area. andy's been training on the shore of lake michigan. think it's lake michigan!

geography never mattered to me until i got to college, and then i had other things to do - english sort of things. but if and when i return for my bachelor's, master's, and Phd degrees, i'm definitely gonna soak up some geography...from the one semester [not even a full year!] of world regional geography i took at my alma mater, el camino college, i learned that the study of regional geography encompasses the study of history, sociology, economics, etcetera. i actually loved that class.

anyhow! this should be my last post until 04-24-03 unless i find a way to access the internet while on the road. in the meantime, don't do anything you don't wanna do, and drive safely!

i have a couple of tattoos; one cat on my ankle [as an adolescent ii believed i was reincarnated from a cat], a turtle and "Bekah" on my wrist. my oldest son has maybe one dozen tattoos, including a turtle with angel wings the size of one forearm, captioned on the top, "Rebekah" and on the bottom, "An angel in heaven." Bekah's preferred method of self-mutilation was piercings. i took her to a shop in san pedro when she was 17 to get this tongue ring. later, her attempt at a nose ring failed when the hole got infected and left her with a big ugly boil on her nose. when she died, she was having her ear holes incrementally increased in size; i do not know how big they were to eventually be.

Tuesday, April 15, 2003
Computer Stupidities: Come Again?
* Tech Support: "I need you to right-click on the Open Desktop."
* Customer: "Ok."
* Tech Support: "Did you get a pop-up menu?"
* Customer: "No."
* Tech Support: "Ok. Right click again. Do you see a pop-up menu?"
* Customer: "No."
* Tech Support: "Ok, sir. Can you tell me what you have done up until this point?"
* Customer: "Sure, you told me to write 'click' and I wrote 'click'."

(At this point I had to put the caller on hold to tell the rest of the tech support staff what had happened. I couldn't, however, stop from giggling when I got back to the call.)

* Tech Support: "Ok, did you type 'click' with the keyboard?"
* Customer: "I have done something dumb, right?"

i could never, ever be tech support. i laugh too much. these stories have me crying, i'm laughing so hard.

aren't people the greatest things? :)

Monday, April 14, 2003
National Weather Service : Zone Forecast : Lake , Illinois

oh, goody...looks like we'll be flying into thunderstorms. yippee. lol
on a lighter note, i'm so excited that we're going i can no longer talk straight. i start to say something with a lucid thought in my head it comes out absurd. whatever! to all [two] of my faithful readers, i will be OUT OF TOWN from the 17th to the 24th of april, seeing my son graduate from navy basic training and then on to vegas to gamble like the fool i am. among other things! :)

like seeing some real weather, apparently. ha! can't hardly wait...

i got a picture from the great lakes recruit training center's homepage, and believed that the recruit front and center, facing the man who was speaking, was Andy. 10-15-05: it was not. but this baby is. :) Rory says it is not, Denise says, "That's Andy. Of course that's Andy." So we'll find out Friday for sure, hopefully...i've decided that for his grad present i'm getting him a computer, his choice, laptop or desktop, so either way i guess we'll be able to find out. :)

Computer Stupidities
it's always good to laugh...go laugh today, you have my permission :)

the first story i clicked:

Customer: "One of my friends gave me an ImageWriter printer and this keyboard. He said he gave me all the cables, but I can't figure out how to connect them. Am I missing something?"
Tech Support: "Well, a computer would help."
Customer: "You mean this keyboard isn't a word processor?"
Tech Support: "No ma'am, its just an input device."
Customer: "Then I need to buy a computer, right?"
Tech Support: "Yes."
Customer: "Do you think I'll need a monitor, too?"

Saturday, April 12, 2003
Kajama Send me No Flowers

Yesterday was the not the first time Bekah woke me up. This "amazing but true" story won me sixty minutes of free readings, which did not lift my spirits an inch compared to the special moments afforded by Bekah herself.

Friday, April 11, 2003
Online Candlelight Vigils

for three nights now i've kept the candles "burning" while i slept, here on the couch in front of the computer...i've watched the number of candles grow from 234 to 468 to 831 to 948. this random tribute page automatically refreshes every thirty seconds. yesterday evening i scrolled through one to two hundred random tributes without seeing one of bekah's. i've taken to copying the victims' names then looking up their stories and oh, the stories i've read.

ten minutes after i am idle my screensaver kicks in. you know how it works...just now i woke up in time for the last five minutes of "White Nights," an old cold war era movie with a tearjerker ending; slightly awake and given to tears, i pushed the enter bar.

of 948 candles, bekah has five that i know of [thanks yndy!], three of which originated from this computer. when i pushed the enter bar upon sitting up this morning, this is what i saw on my computer screen:

it was not this...replaced photo 3-18-07 as i no longer have that graphics server.

love is indeed a many-splendoured thing. thank you bekah-la, you wonderful daughter of mine. amen

p.s. if this post appears twice it's because in my zeal to share this latest item in the bekah church of wonder catalogue of unexplained phenomena and amazing small world stories, i apparently went too fast for either my computer or one server or another...will rectify when things calm down. :)

Online Candlelight Vigils

for three nights now i've kept the candles "burning" while i slept, here on the couch in front of the computer...i've watched the number of candles grow from 234 to 468 to 831 to 948. yesterday evening i scrolled through one to two hundred random tributes without seeing one of bekah's. i've taken to copying the victims' names then looking up their stories and oh, the stories i've read.

ten minutes after i am idle my screensaver kicks in. you know how it works...just now i woke up in time for the last five minutes of "White Nights," an old cold war era movie with a tearjerker ending; slightly awake and given to tears, i pushed the enter bar.

of 948 candles, bekah has five, three of which originated from this computer. when i pushed the enter bar this is the image on my computer screen:

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Thursday, April 10, 2003
The photographs tell the story...

don't believe everything you read or see about this war. be aware that propaganda wasn't invented by the other side let alone perfected by it.

the thing about this war and its mongerers is that they are so transparent it's pathetic. what's even more pathetic is that they seem at times to be getting away with it.


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7 Years Old

i've been going to the MADD vigil, copying names of victims and looking up their stories. this little girl was killed by someone who sounds like rambo's emotional/mental/spiritual twin. i will try to follow through and see whether these multiple victims got any justice.

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Incalescensce Homepage
Hand Blown Glass; the artist is a special friend of Bekah's

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Sunday, April 06, 2003
Online Candlelight Vigils

i lit a candle again, a virtual candle in memory of my darling girl.

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Free web polls for your site. Visitors poll

bye-bye my poll, and bye-bye mypoll.net. this is NOT an endorsement.

for the record the last time i was able to see the results of my poll, at least 54% respondents agreed that gw bush is an idiot who should not be president.

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You LIve Your Life As If It's Real

Ray does this thing where he takes words of bloggers from all over the world and makes a discrete poem. this one is especially lovely.


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Saturday, April 05, 2003
Real Joe Affirmation Bullshit Generator

Today I will

repurpose my perceptual energy
utilize my transparent soul
realize my core perfection

love the bullshit generator :)

i'm gonna do it too...

- posted by barbara @ 4/05/2003 05:12:00 PM
SP neighbors drive message home

Okay. If you know who killed Andrew Silva, you can now not only do the right thing but get $25,000 for doing it.

turn the mofo in.

the person in question killed an 8-year-old boy in front of his father then sped away and has not yet been apprehended. this happened on the same street, 25th street in San Pedro, where my daughter was murdered on 07-19-01.

i remain baffled as to how a human can be that cold. but i think i prefer not to know. i have a dread feeling that if i was to "get" that i might then be capable of the same. at any rate i don't get it and i've tried countless times since bekah's death to imagine doing what her killer did, and i can't. even if i'm behind the wheel and rambo's standing stockstill in the street, my fantasy won't go there. i'm just as glad.

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Doug's Dynamic Drivel

doug provides some information regarding how it was that gw ended up president in spite of not having won the election.

oh the stink....

these days when i click on my poll [see "bush" to the left], i get one of those errors saying the request cannot be completed. when i go to the poll site, i find no reason for that. feeds directly into my conspiracy theories, though one reason i've always felt free to put pretty much whatever i wanted on my blog was the belief that no one would ever care. and my numbers don't dispute that. in over a year i've had just over 5,000 readers and i'm probably 3,000 of those. but there it is. anyway if you've attempted to place a vote on the poll recently and found yourself looking at an error page instead, my apologies. i'll go to the site and see if the problem can be rectified within the next several days.

still moving quite sluggishly through this world. so much so i hate to make promises anymore. except to andy: andy, we will be at your graduation. with bells on as they say. :)

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Thursday, April 03, 2003
Justice for Murdered Children

It is National Victims of Crime month.
i still don't have the air date for the show we taped last wednesday...but a live forum will be aired tonight at, i think! 5:30 - look for public access, i think it's channel 3 in los angeles. i'll be reading a couple of poems written since bekah's murder and other loved ones of murder victims will be discussing the cost of crime.


in totally unrelated news, it is the one-year anniversary of this here blog 'o mine! to read the first entries [i find them comic; i didn't quite know what i was doing but i definitely was going to do it regardless], go to
04/01/2002 - 04/30/2002

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Tuesday, April 01, 2003
News Letter Page 1
" A manslaughter conviction for a first-time offender carried a maximum sentence of 21 years in prison. The maximum penalty for a hit-and-run violation with no prior records was two years—even if the accident has resulted in a fatality. First-time offenders, moreover, were commonly let off with probation, and served no time. Outraged, Debbi vowed to fight for a manslaughter charge and to close the absurd gap in the law."

It's ridiculous and a slap in the face to victims and their loved ones that a person could get away with killing another human being this lightly. You can "hit and run" a parked car; you can "hit and run" a building. but when you "hit and run" a human it's another story altogether!

In my daughter's case "hit and run" is particularly inadequate, because the woman who murdered bekah did not just "hit and run." no, she hit, picked up, dragged, and dropped the body of my 21-year-old daughter. furthermore, she had to drive out of her lane to accomplish that crime.

thanks for the link pril

- posted by barbara @ 4/01/2003 07:47:00 AM  0 comments

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