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Saturday, April 05, 2003
SP neighbors drive message home

Okay. If you know who killed Andrew Silva, you can now not only do the right thing but get $25,000 for doing it.

turn the mofo in.

the person in question killed an 8-year-old boy in front of his father then sped away and has not yet been apprehended. this happened on the same street, 25th street in San Pedro, where my daughter was murdered on 07-19-01.

i remain baffled as to how a human can be that cold. but i think i prefer not to know. i have a dread feeling that if i was to "get" that i might then be capable of the same. at any rate i don't get it and i've tried countless times since bekah's death to imagine doing what her killer did, and i can't. even if i'm behind the wheel and rambo's standing stockstill in the street, my fantasy won't go there. i'm just as glad.

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