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Wednesday, April 16, 2003
National Weather Service : Zone Forecast : Lake , Illinois

well, the forecast is looking somewhat better, but it does look like we'll be flying into weather in chicago and the great lakes area. andy's been training on the shore of lake michigan. think it's lake michigan!

geography never mattered to me until i got to college, and then i had other things to do - english sort of things. but if and when i return for my bachelor's, master's, and Phd degrees, i'm definitely gonna soak up some geography...from the one semester [not even a full year!] of world regional geography i took at my alma mater, el camino college, i learned that the study of regional geography encompasses the study of history, sociology, economics, etcetera. i actually loved that class.

anyhow! this should be my last post until 04-24-03 unless i find a way to access the internet while on the road. in the meantime, don't do anything you don't wanna do, and drive safely!

i have a couple of tattoos; one cat on my ankle [as an adolescent ii believed i was reincarnated from a cat], a turtle and "Bekah" on my wrist. my oldest son has maybe one dozen tattoos, including a turtle with angel wings the size of one forearm, captioned on the top, "Rebekah" and on the bottom, "An angel in heaven." Bekah's preferred method of self-mutilation was piercings. i took her to a shop in san pedro when she was 17 to get this tongue ring. later, her attempt at a nose ring failed when the hole got infected and left her with a big ugly boil on her nose. when she died, she was having her ear holes incrementally increased in size; i do not know how big they were to eventually be.

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