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Saturday, December 31, 2005
Impeachment Checklist

1. Familiarize yourself with "The Question.":
"The Bush administration simply cannot answer this one question - if time was of the essence, why didn't they conduct the searches and get the warrants after the fact, something that is allowed under the FISA law? They conducted the searches alright, but they never once sought the retroactive warrants."

2. Send an email to all of these media folks and ask them "The Question."

3. Sign Senator Boxer's

4. Contact your Senator.

5. Contact your congressman.

6. Contact Congressman Pete Hoekstra too.

7. File a Freedom of Information Act request HERE.

8. Sign John Conyers' petition to censure and investigate impeachment.

9. Join the guerilla marketing campaign.

10. Make a donation to ImpeachPAC.

11. Join the Impeach Bush Coalition.

(Thanks to Redneck Mother for inspiring the list.)

(Copied with permission from Bulldog Manifesto)

Wednesday, December 28, 2005
Bush Wiretap Video - NSA wire tap requires a court order
and see the rest of the videos, read the astutely
worded truth about what is happening here at the end of

Monday, December 26, 2005
Live Vote: Should Bush be impeached? - Politics - MSNBC.com
Live Vote: Should Bush be impeached? - Politics - MSNBC.com

hey, i believe this one: 86% say yes. i am hopeful
something may happen soon to get rid of bush and his
criminal administration. and sleepy. i am sleepy as well.

Sunday, December 25, 2005
merry christmas
to you and your kin...

peace. love.

it is so past time to get rid of this lying,
murderous, duplicitous fascist. how many more
freedoms, how many more people, must we lose?

the family has changed much since this picture was taken five years
ago today. the day is not the same, but we'll do our best to keep
it special and happy.

one girl murdered, the other [and my son] soon to divorce...yet that other
is, herself, a new mother. i'm honorary grandma, and her name is jade:

and so it goes...i'm hoping to have more energy for this here
blog soon. inspiration other than the decline of western civilization
which is more real than ever before in my life.
blessings to you all...amen

Saturday, December 17, 2005
GRACE: To Lawanda Hawkins -- everyone, a very special guest with
us tonight. Her son was murdered by a gang member, a Crips gang
member, and she found it and runs Justice for Murdered Children.

Ma`am, thank you for being with us.

for having me on the show. And also, I`m a member of Crime
Victims United of California. That`s who I`m speaking on behalf
of tonight.

GRACE: What`s your opinion?

HAWKINS: My opinion? This is unbelievable that they would even
think about granting clemency to a man who has been found
guilty of killing four. But besides killing that four, he was
found guilty of -- he co-founded a gang that has killed thousands of people.

And as a parent whose only child was murdered by that gang
he co- founded, I beg the governor: Please do not grant clemency
to Tookie Williams. It would be sending the wrong message
to the community. It would be like a smack in the face to
the victims and the families of the victims.

GRACE: Ms. Hawkins, if you could speak to Schwarzenegger
tonight, what would you say?

HAWKINS: I would ask him: Please do not forget my son,
Reginald LaKeith Reese (ph). He was murdered December
the 6th, 1995, in San Pedro, by this gang Tookie Williams
co-founded called the Crips. Not only was my child, but
thousands of other children were murdered by this gang
he co- founded called the Crips.

To us, family members who are alive whose
children have been murdered, please do not grant clemency.

Also, remember his wife, Maria. Her uncles were
murdered. I don`t understand this. Why wasn`t clemency
given to our children when a lot of them begged for their lives?

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Thursday, December 15, 2005
grief and me
this is an audio post - click to play

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Friday, December 02, 2005
Open Letter

Please read it - everyone, everyone.

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