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Sunday, March 18, 2007
how did they get this shit to fly?!
so i watched the hearings on the firing of the attorneys...the
conditions at walter reed...outing plame. i watched every movie
on the internet and every panel, citizens grand jury, hell you
name it, about 911, JFK, Paul Wellstone, and Marvin Bush's
maid? was it...the CIA's history of dirty tricks and political
assassinations and drug and arms running businesses, about
halliburton KBR the Carlyle Group and SAIC. Depleted
uranium, extraordinary renditions, torture, patsies, fall
guys, global warming, first responders and cadaver sniffing dogs
dying, dying, and being denied help or even acknowledgment
of why they are dying. Shinseki Sibol Edmonds Bunnie
whats-her-name, you know, the parade of people who have
spoken the truth and been punished as opposed to the liars
and the murderers who get obscenely rich famous on fox and
promotions and/or medals. i read and studied and noted the
connections of the dots: not to where i KNOW just what goes
on, but certainly to where i do know that what goes on is
as foul as has ever gone on. EVER.

outing plame was a crime committed by the bush administration.
it was satisfying to see it being discussed almost openly,
and i can only imagine Valerie Plame's sense of vindication
as she swore to the facts as she has lived them. i canNOT
imagine how much more evidence would be required for congress
to institute impeachment and criminal proceedings against the
administration, but it does not seem to be happening. rove
still has his security clearance; cheney can classify or
declassify as he sees politically expedient; the hearings
go on and on, and so does the war, taking more humans with
it daily: humans who should not be dead. the rants just get
so goddammed long you know: and i almost forgot about the
gutting of the constitution, children in concentration camps
in Texas, and spying on american citizens, on american soil.

plame was outed so the bushies could carry out the big
crime: war. war, war, and more war. War is murder by
proxy. and with all that is coming to light regarding
the corporations profiteering off the war (getting so
rich and being so greedy it seems obvious that if this
administration is not banished, dismantled, brought to
justice with full disclosure of all their wrongdoings,
we will be a nation run by a corporate fascist dictatorship
embroiled in perpetual war that diminishes human beings to
nothing more than cogs for the comfort and perpetuation of
this tiny slimy percentage of the population), why should
anybody be surprised or keep advancing the fiction that her
outing was anything but the dirty tricks of an administration
who just does not give a flying fuck about who gets thrown under
the bus as long as they collect their cut and maintain their
corrupt nearly absolute power? and that this crime was c
ommitted by the holders of the highest office in the land?

the right wing whores frustrate the crap out of me with
their refusal to answer a question directly. they have
gotten away with deflection, obfuscation of the facts,
sidestepping reality, and just so many outrageous acts
i just hunch over my computer spitting sometimes. the
way they've covered almost all the bases: installed whores
in the judiciary, put inept brainwashed "loyalists" in
positions of real power where real harm is done due to
ignorance and hubris, the way they lie and lie and lie
and get away with it, the contempt they display toward
other people and the citizens of their own country.

i am 100% convinced that 911 was false flag terrorism: the
government - meaning the neocons, the bushies, the rich
greedy white men and their incestuous business/public/private
relationships, murdered 3000 people right here in the US in
one day, and countless more since then - meaning the first
responders who are sick and dying now because of the toxicity
they worked in for so long after the WTC was demolished, the
innocents of other nations having come under attack at the
hands of the US military (using their own acts of terrorism
to wage war wherever they deem it profitable), more, and more.
they have militarized police departments, again using the crime
of 911 for passing the "Patriot" Act (another thing i find
maddening about these bastards is how completely opposite
everything is since gw strongarmed the WH - "Patriot" Act
when its intent and result is to strip the rights of the
people while systematically legalizing the usurpation of
all powers to those whose only allegiance is to their
insatiable pathological greed for wealth, power, and dead bodies).

so nowadays the more incompetent you are the greater
rewards you can anticipate. greatest intelligence
capabilities and networks in the world - didn't know?!
best air defenses in the history of humanity - couldn't
scramble in time?! they literally in front of a hapless
world stood up took over and suddenly bad is good dark
is light impossible is fact idiocy is brilliance and
murder is protection of the country. the dots connect
and overlap and all that is transparent is that our
democracy is going away, and still these bastards have
yet to be made to answer for even charge number ONE.

i am a single mother eking out a living in CA. i knew
before gw ever was president that if he did become president
he would throw a war. is it really possible that knowledgeable
engaged active people (for instance members of congress)
didn't? I knew there were no fucking WMDs in Iraq! how can
it be that any of our lawmakers didn't? and yet to this
fucking day i'll read that gw was a true believer - bullshit.
if ever there was a human less human than our current president
and vice president i don't know who it could be.

it took me years to come around to my current belief (MIHOP) regarding
911 - but i knew the day it happened that they KNEW it was coming
down...how could members of congress and so many people who
are otherwise not actually moronic, NOT know that?! How could
anybody observe an administration, during whose watch the most
horrific terrorist attack in this country's history occurred,
doing anything and everything possible to obstruct all attempts
to investigate that attack and still believe that administration
was blameless?!

i always think about gw's comment to tom brown while new orleans
drowned: "you're doing a great job brownie." i understood
then that gw was actually telling the truth when he said
that - how did this nation witness that genocidal travesty
and not figure out that the bush administration was utterly
opposed to helping the poor people of new orleans? just as now -
with the death toll rising by leaps and bounds, daily - with
anyone with any kind of brain including their own military
leaders even his daddy's old buddy baker advising an end to
the war - they just spew lies and ignore the will of the people
with total hubris, total contempt.

so while the new democratically controlled congress holds
hearings that probably 90% of the country will never even
know about let alone give a shit, the bushies just keep
on stealing every cent they can with absolutely no thought
for the unnecessary suffering and wrongful deaths incurred
along the way, lying constantly, and ignoring whatever
threatens to take them off their game.

i think it's time to get their attention for real now. but
i'll be god dammed if i can think of what they'd have to do
to get congress to agree with me, or to get enough people to
pay attention so that the people could MAKE congress agree
with me.

Saturday, March 17, 2007
Chaotic Dreams Online - SP Excerpt: Solange
Chaotic Dreams Online - SP Excerpt: Solange

Saturday, March 03, 2007
my DU blog
the Shadow Government is real, rich, powerful...

a post on my DU blog - links to an article in Vanity Fair that i want every american citizen to read...and heed.

When I Came Home
a touching, shocking, important work in progress at guerrilla news network

war. what is it good for? absolutely nuthin.

peace. amen

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