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Monday, January 29, 2007
cheney - the gw admin - murderers
after the 1st gulf war - which i actually supported the
US involvement in, believing that we as the only superpower
left had a moral duty to keep smaller countries like Kuwait
from being bullied by genocidal monsters like saddam - which
at the time i did truly believe he was potentially another
hitler - anyhow. when it ended and saddam retained power, i
just kinda tuned out. i believed 1000%, and have to say
that the events of the son's administration have convinced
me i was right all along, that saddam was kept alive and
allowed to retain power for one reason: so the motherfuckers
could throw another war down the line.

i remember in 2000 how i had to work late, and i didn't
really want to leave the house to vote, but i HAD to,
because if gw was president he was going to throw a war.
just knew it, knew it, knew it.

they have fulfilled and exceeded my scaredy-est qualms,
from the early '90s to the year 2000. they have murdered
americans here and abroad. they are secretive, soulless,
murderous warmongers.

they must be taken out of office.
Pathological Liars For God

Monday, January 22, 2007
The Wage Slave Journal: George W. Bush Scorecard of Evil
The Wage Slave Journal: George W. Bush Scorecard of Evil

gw bush has committed an outrageous act on nearly
every day of his disastrous presidency.

i've had it open since last night, woke up and read
some more, ended up walking to work 'cause i missed
the bus, got home from work about an hour ago, and...

i can't anymore, right now. but i must blog it, because there is so much information here: please,
please read it!

Sunday, January 21, 2007
The Blog | Speaker Nancy Pelosi: Progress is Possible Again | The Huffington Post
The Blog | Speaker Nancy Pelosi: Progress is Possible Again | The Huffington Post

had to tell the Speaker what to do,
cause she's so slow...and i went on
for 155 words too many for the huffington post.
oh well...:
dear ms pelosi, that's all fine and dandy but there's a couple things
you GOTTA know!
1. You must get rid of this rogue administration!
all this blathering about investigations then impeachment etcetera
is unbelievably frustrating.

as you go along getting ready to investigate issues THAT have
been very ably investigated and reported upon over the course
of the past SIX years, these idiots, these murderous criminals,
are poised to put us into WWIII.

did you notice that as gw begins his escalation of a
the USA suffered its deadliest single day over there in hell.

these are our children killing and being killed to satisfy
a naked, twisted emperor who will not STOP unless he is made to STOP.

you gotta do this, for the country and for the planet, Ms. Pelosi.

2. You need to work on rescinding the lawless "laws" that have
been put on the books - you know the ones. the ones that strip
US citizens of their constitutional rights. the ones that
indemnify these war mongering murderers from having to pay
any consequences for their numerous crimes.

3. You need to reopen an investigation into 911. a REAL and
TRULY independent investigation; not that pitiful BS panel
peopled by bush whores publishing lies.

I am pretty certain that all members of Congress have known
for a good long time that the official version of what
happened on that day is bullshit. Please be the democratically
controlled congress that actually penetrates and exposes the
ugly truth that has been for years turning the democracy of
our forefathers into a corporate fascist state run by cold
blooded killers whose greed is so overwhelming it takes
my breath away.

So, a good start. I appreciate your work. For less than enough
money to live i work 5 days a week, 8 to 9 hours a day...i'm 51 -
\my daughter was murdered in 2001 - i'm single and struggling
like hell to raise a 14-year-old here in southern california.
and my president has spent a full YEAR out of the past six years
on his frigging ranch, while afghanistan and iraq and the WTC burn,
while new orleans drowns, while WH staff commit treasonous acts,
some of which they try to justify with their absurd, insulting
interpretations of executive powers, plenty more that are kept
a secret from the people of the US with the full - unconscionable
and equally criminal - assistance of the whores who call
themselves journalists these days.

i never thought i'd be so impassioned with regard to the political
situation in this country. i mean, i hated nixon, i did - but
i reacted with apathy, i was young, raising a family, all
that shit. i used to believe that democratic or republic, the people
in charge respected that they served a government "of, for, and
by the people" - and the whole time what they were doing was
undermining it in any way possible, enriching themselves obscenely
all the while.

Saturday, January 20, 2007
Bushisms and HAHAHA Baby

Sunday, January 14, 2007
!Hi Productions
!Hi Productions
do you snowboard? check out Joshua's line

Saturday, January 13, 2007
dear nancy pelosi
dear nancy pelosi
to rep pelosi and all of the members of congress:

the only way to have a shot at retaining your seat is to do
the right thing. end the war impeach charge convict and imprison
the war criminals. refuse funding for any more money to be
thrown at the war profiteers via a spending bill that
includes money to fund the illegal action and occupation in iraq.

Defend the constitution, or forget about holding public o
ffice in the future. Represent your constituency, the a
merican people, or lay down and open your legs like the
whores we will know you are if you keep hedging and
allowing the travesty of the gw administration to hold
power one second longer than necessary.

can it really be true that the lawmakers of this country
have not noticed that the bush administration is a ROGUE a
dministration who is not only ruining the good name of the
USA throughout the world but is waging war by innocents
upon innocents, and appears hell-bent on perpetuating a
state of war indefinitely? which they are doing for their
own greed?

the environament is being trashed; the middle class is
going away. the national treasury has been and is being
looted scandalously.

and he's mentally ill! everybody told him to get out,
start preparing to withdraw, and what does he do? throws
another 20,000 bodies at iraq! it is very plain to me
that until you GET RID OF him, and cheney, and rice,
and so on and on, death and destruction, shame and grief,
will be the order of the day for this once great country.

thank you

Sunday, January 07, 2007
Baghdad Year Zero (Harpers.org)
Baghdad Year Zero (Harpers.org)

one of the best articles i have read at explaining
where the shit comes from, and how it rolls downhill.

thanking a fellow DU'er for posting the link i
kinda lost it:

what a great article, and it explained a lot that til
today i did not get. i mean i got that the neocons had
invaded and occupied for greed, but this articale
illustrated so well the toll that homicidal greed has demanded.


i scream that because i do agree with the original poster:
it will not stop. he's going to do it without consulting
congress. between the "catapulting the propaganda" and
campaigning for a living, this bastard just doesn't have
the time for respect or adherence to the rule of law, which
is what has kept this nation together and prosperous thus far.
not only does he have no clothes on, his skin is purulent with
the weeping sores of hatred larceny greed and the mass murders
he has ordered so he could dress up like a soldier and call himself a "war president???"

every time i hear his voice it is brought home to me that much
more clearly that this man simply does not give a rat's ass: not
for the dead and wounded, not for the displaced and disfigured,
not for the needy whose lives are in peril, and ultimately,
not for the laws of this or any land. while he's pretending
to stall on making the right decision regarding this travesty of a war -
having conveniently let it leak that the citizens of the USA are
not to be informed as to who is prowling around the people's house
- and we wait like good kids for some fucking bullshit speech
(has he EVER not bullshitted his way through a speech?!) -
he's getting his fucking ducks in a row.

he has to be stopped!!!

i feel soiled and ashamed; the pure heartlessness that appears
to characterize every fucking move these bastards make
distresses me to my red white and blue soul.

once upon a time i felt truly thankful to be an american; once upon
a time i believed that although our system - of, for, and by the
people - while necessarily imperfect (considering that we are a
nation of human beings, or so i believed)- was the best upon the planet.

and look what they've done to this country, to this nation's young,
to countless innocent citizens of a previously sovereign nation that
posed no threat to the USA. goodgawd they should be drowning in
all the blood they have spilled, but instead: that goddam
motherfucker installs a different set of warmongering yesmen
and prepares to throw more and more bodies at the fire,
and nobody's doing a fucking thing to stop this madness.

i'll be in a madhouse myself before this fearsome shit settles down....

Watermark: Introduce Yourself! [Sticky Post]
So i was updating my blogroll and happened upon this
invitation to put in my .02. and now i want to
ask the same of you, whoever you may be.

I am afraid however tahgt I have been so
derelict - i have
lost many readers; never had a whole shitload
to begin with you know? so do this? okayWatermark: Introduce Yourself! [Sticky Post]What do you do that you consider
creative? Is it easy, or difficult for you?

i write, and i paint. the writing is sometimes easy which is to
say that it sometimes flows inspired - and i have spent my 51
years writing, reading, studying, etc.
at other times i must labor over a poem for days and longer -
but when i get it the way i want it, i find that i loved that labor.

painting is different - it is not hard because i don't make
it hard. i spread the paint out on the paper. sometimes i
like the result. i am not schooled or trained in art, and
continue to believe that i am primarily a writer and a poet
as opposed to a graphic artist. which makes it doubly ironic
to note that i have sold 4 paintings and while published here
and there through the years, have never earned a cent yet -
not on a poem i wrote.

also i made and raised four children and they are my greatest

What supports -- or undermines -- your creativity?
the ferment often is born in pain. but nature. gleam in my eye?
i was urged to begin painting as therapy after losing my daughter
- i suppose i would say that my own ego, my insecurity,
undermines that medium.

and even though i will tell you i am a poet and a writer, and i
will mean it, it is again my own ego deficiencies and insecurities
that undermine my writing career as well. with writing it is so
different because with writing, what i want the most of all if
for it to be GOOD, really really GOOD.

If you could give a friend one piece of creative inspiration
(advice, or a poem, or a painting, or a book, or whatever
occurs to you) what would it be

Laughing Heart by Charles Bukowski:
your life is your life
don’t let it be clubbed into dank submission.
be on the watch.
there are ways out.
there is a light somewhere.
it may not be much light but
it beats the darkness.
be on the watch.
the gods will offer you chances.
know them.
take them.
you can’t beat death but
you can beat death in life, sometimes.
and the more often you learn to do it,
the more light there will be.
your life is your life.
know it while you have it.
you are marvelous
the gods wait to delight
in you.

Iraq: Getting the Call

a personable soldier intelligent, cute, tells his story. part one here

Saturday, January 06, 2007
okc noir
okc noir

Who am i, what am i
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moon phases

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