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Saturday, June 27, 2009
YouTube - Activists Demand "Special Prosecutor for Torture"

Sunday, June 07, 2009
Corporate Personhood-Demeaning Our Bill of Rights - Reclaim Democracy.org
Corporate Personhood-Demeaning Our Bill of Rights - Reclaim Democracy.org
Our Bill of Rights was the result of tremendous
efforts to institutionalize and protect the rights
of human beings. It strengthened the premise of our
Constitution: that the people are the root of all
power and authority for government. This vision has
made our Constitution and government a model emulated
in many nations.

But corporate lawyers (acting as both attorneys and
judges) subverted our Bill of Rights in the late
1800's by establishing the doctrine of "corporate
personhood" -- the claim that corporations were
intended to fully enjoy the legal status and protections
created for human beings.

We believe that corporations are not persons and possess
only the privileges we willfully grant them. Granting
corporations the status of legal "persons" effectively
rewrites the Constitution to serve corporate interests
as though they were human interests. Ultimately, the
doctrine of granting constitutional rights to corporations
gives a thing illegitimate privilege and power that undermines
our freedom and authority as citizens. While corporations are
setting the agenda on issues in our Congress and courts, We
the People are not; for we can never speak as loudly with
our own voices as corporations can with the unlimited amplification
of money.

did you know that monsanto has gone into court
and argued that properly labeling genetically
modified milk should be curtailed by the courts
because it would interfere with its (the corporation's)
ability to MAKE MONEY?!

they actually have laws pending in four states that
would deprive consumers of the right to know whether their
milk comes from cows given Pilosac.

Faced with a growing resistance to Posilac, Monsanto
is waging war on informed decision-making, lobbying state
officials to ban dairies from placing factual information
about rBGH on their label. Its lobbyists argue that consumers
are making poorly-informed choices based on fear-mongering,
necessitating government intervention to save us from being
misled by alarmists.

their argument sucks. more information is always better: consumers
need to be informed about what they are buying and putting
into their bodies the bodies of their children.

how many individuals have the money to own a judge
or a congressperson? how many corporations have that
kind of money?

a corporation is not a person, and i fully support
an amendment to the constitution so stating. people power, it's the american way.

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