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Sunday, April 30, 2006
The official website for Randy Queen's DARKCHYLDE
The official website for Randy Queen's DARKCHYLDE

Randy Queen is a friend of Bekah's, who just contacted
me wanting to join Bekah's yahoo group. He wrote me a beautiful email sharing
the nature of his and Bekah's relationship, and how
he was down south when she died and just made it up the
hill for the reception following bekah's funeral.

Bekah's picture at the wall in Sacramento. Among, I
don't know, hundreds i guess, pictures of victims, there she was. When I saw her there [i knew she
would be there, i sent in the photo for that purpose],
i was overcome. And I intend to share more about the trip, but am just a bit too exhausted right this second.

Here's a shot of the wall that included Bek's picture:

Thursday, April 27, 2006

i've put up a video rendering of face paintings,
with music by annie lennox. ok, i'm no filmmaker. but it is
fun, right?

sugarfused.net ? Concerts I’ve Seen
sugarfused.net ? Concerts I’ve Seen

i still remember my first; it was the hollywood palladium, and the lineup was boz scaggs,
fleetwood mac, and steve miller. this before
they all hit much bigger.

j geils band - jethro tull - rod stewart - laura nyro -
bette midler - jerry garcia band - mark tanner - new
riders of the purple sage - john stewart - marshall tucker - george harrison - the whispers - harold melvin
and the bluenotes - marley festival - aswad - crowded
house - rush - yes - george carlin - oingo boingo - humble pie -

i had tickets to van morrison but it was canceled.

i went to the california jam, the west coast's
answer to woodstock...and what else? can't think now. david lindley
[i always loved his "werewolves of london" the best]

but thanks for the memories. :)

Honoring Victims of Violent Crime
Image hosted by Webshots.com
by barbtries
the wall of victims...click on either to check out
my photos from the march on the capital Monday
Image hosted by Webshots.com
by barbtries
Belinda pointed it out, i hadn't noticed. Bekah's got her wings here.

Thursday, April 20, 2006
Victims of Violent Crime Week April 23-30 2006
Active.com | City of Los Angeles 5K Run/Walk for Victims' Rights

for the first time since my daughter Bekah's murder on 7/19/01,
I'll be participating in the March
on the Capital
taking place Monday in Sacramento.

I'll be wearing my marching shoes, too - the same shoes
my girl was taken out of when her killer mowed her down...

remember my girl and all victims next week, if you get a moment?


Wednesday, April 19, 2006
been reading...

this year. in order:
1. confessions of a yakuza

2. The Good bye People

3. White Teeth

4. Necessary Evil

5. Murder at the National Cathedral

6. Murder in the CIA

7. Murder on Embassy Row

8. You Must Remember This

9. Longshot

10. A Day in Late September

11. Grave of Green Water

12. Poinciana

13. My Beloved Son

14. The Da Vinci Code

15. Three Blind Mice

16. An Amateur Mourning Map for Mothers of the Recently Murdered

17. Life in the Rainbow

Yes, I did list my own book in the list...I re-read it last week, and
guess what? I think it's worth publishing.

eek. this post has taken hella long time...and i'm doing laundry,
gotta drive to van nuys tomorrow. etcetera. crap.


Friday, April 14, 2006
barbtries a blog: April 2002
i made four years and didnt even notice, if it wasn't for lying media bastards
commemorating his fourth anniversary...time flies, eh? :)

barbtries a blog: April 2002: "i am getting frustrated,
every template doesnot work, my blog's not
published yet...it's getting real late.

- posted by barbara @ 4/03/2002 12:51:18 AM yacc at me?

BLOGGER - How to troubleshoot Blogger errors

- posted by barbara @ 4/03/2002 12:31:42 AM yacc at me?

edit your blog:

- posted by barbara @ 4/03/2002 12:27:30 AM yacc at me?

my second blog. how much easier can this be?

- posted by barbara @ 4/03/2002 12:18:03 AM yacc at me?

my first blog, don't look for any earth-shattering wisdom,
tearjerking pathos, or a laugh. it's just my first blog after all.

- posted by barbara @ 4/03/2002 12:17:02 AM yacc at me? "

lol. i didn't know what the hell i was doing, but that
was not about to stop me.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006
If there's a leak out of my administration, I want to
\know who it is,
so said gw in feb 2004, when the criminal investigation
into who outed a covert cia operative was launched.

now, i ask bush supporters: HOW CAN you Stand this president
and his LIES!?

hasn't he lied enough yet to convince you that he is bad
for our country, our democracy, this government that is
supposed to by, for, and of the people, and is growing
rapidly into a government that is only by, for, and of

i hope someone will respond, i really do, because i really
would like to know how anybody justifies continuing to support
this bastard with the incontrovertible evidence of his
repeated lies, to us, the people he is sworn to serve.


Wednesday, April 05, 2006
song and video
about guaranteed to bring a`tear to your eye, but more importantly,
hopefully viewing this will make the end of the war a little closer than otherwise...


Tuesday, April 04, 2006
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VoiceYourselfPoem.swf (application/x-shockwave-flash Object)

bekah in heels...
Image hosted by Webshots.com
by barbtries

Who am i, what am i
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moon phases

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