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Sunday, December 30, 2007

Friday, December 21, 2007
Institute Director Resigns from the Mormon Church
Institute Director Resigns from the Mormon Church
a terrific first hand account from a former mormon. very
enlightening in my opinion.

Sunday, December 09, 2007
i fell asleep listening to
the morning session of the DNC
on cspan.
and then i was there. sort of.
it was the California desert. john and vania were at a wedding somewhere
so i had my grandsons micah and tyler. we had a hotel room but they were out
playing with chase. tyler went into a stranger's house and got a
for chase to ride. i saw my dog riding a tiny bicycle.

someone had left their diary and a school project in the motel.
they left a text message number to call in case it was found, and
i determined to call the girl and let her know i had her stuff, but
first, i wanted to get back to the festivities.

you know, the ones at the DNC meeting.

so i was driving down this road and came across a day care center.
i put the kids in the day care center. later in the evening i was afraid i
was late picking them up, but they were being sat with by a policeman.

then it was the next day, the event still going on. i sat with a man
i used to know in manhattan beach, who moved to missouri ten or so
years ago. he moved away from me. there were delectable desserts, and
each choice of meal was named after a candidate.

i chose the Kucinich, not because i wanted to eat what it was
so much, but because i want Kucinich for president.

then it was late again. i looked at my watch
(i never wear a watch)
and it said 6:56 pm. and i couldn't find my car!

i could not remember where i left my car. i took off walking hoping
against hope that the kids were okay. i passed a hill with water
gushing down a drive, knew it was too wide to cross without
getting my feet soaked. walked up the hill and observed a young
woman in a layered diaphanous gown raise up her skirts and sit
in the water crossed legged to ride the stream back down to
the street. found a place to walk across and

then i was on the grounds of some kind of surfer's colony.
i stepped inside for a moment and looked down a long white
hall with numerous doors on either side. many of them shut
when i entered and i understood that this was due to modesty
on the part of the residents. a stray wetsuit, a board, these
were how i knew it was a surfers colony and not a monastery.

i woke up vastly relieved that i had not left
the kids in a strange day care past closing time.

there was more, dropping in here and there. a carnival
right next door to the meeting, and a woman in Minnie
Mouse shoes taking her feet out of the shoes and groaning
as i passed. cotton candy and balloons. and who the hell
knows what else. it was a dream, a crazy dream...

the moral of the story is never fall asleep watching cspan.

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