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Sunday, January 29, 2006
at the cemetery

Originally uploaded by barbtries.
there was much more. a disturbing encounter at the cemetery prompted a
veritable outpouring of guilt and atonement.

john came to pick up his kids, and i had to go out to my car
to get some papers i had gotten together for him. and when i
returned the browser along with my post was poof! gone.

so the theory is i better get over it. ain't a
fucking thing i can do to change it. my guilt will
ease over time in the absence of any opportunity to make

and now for the good news. i
wrote today, for the first time in who knows how long.
i may post here, or on yahoo, for comment. who knows. this
was actually before me the slimeball at cemeteries
caused great distress to a recently bereaved mother.

which is to say that it wasn't the encounter that
set off the muse - it was the muse that set me off
after too much time spent silent.


Tuesday, January 10, 2006
The Blog | Geoffrey R. Stone: Why the NSA Surveillance Program Is Unlawful | The Huffington Post
The Blog | Geoffrey R. Stone: Why the NSA Surveillance Program Is Unlawful | The Huffington Post

Read what some very bright and educated legal
minds think of our president's actions.

This analysis of the question of whether gwbush
committed a crime when he authorized warrantless
wiretaps on US Citizens in the US was written by a group of
"fourteen constitutional scholars," who conclude that gw did
indeed break the law in violation of the oath he swore to
uphold the constitution of the United States.

The analysis directly addresses points brought
up in a 12-22-05 letter from the justice department
to Congressional Intelligence Committee majority
and minority leaders. Regarding the DOJ letter, which
apparently presents arguments supportive of
gw's position that he was within his
executive powers to authorize the spying,
...the Justice Department's defense of
what it concedes was secret and warrantless
electronic surveillance of persons within
the United States fails to identify any
plausible legal authority for such surveillance.
Accordingly the program appears on its
face to violate existing law.

so much...corruption, lies, warmongering, spin,
on and on, criminal acts committed with such hubris
- never an apology. never even an admission of
wrongdoing regardless of how blatant it might be.

and they get away with it and get away with and
get away with it. keeRIST it's frustrating.

i wanted to supply many more links. they're out
there you know, the TRUTH even, is out there. pick through
the bullshit. read the constitution [something i did last
week - for the first time since
8th grade - after a reader from the "right" wing commented
on my blog]. Amendment 4, people - good

our forefathers were pretty careful, and seemingly
pretty clear when they set up a three-pronged
government of, by and for "the people." It's lasted
into the 21st century, not so long compared to
some nations i know, but you know, i just hate to
see my country go.

Probable cause, checks and balances. Due process, due
process! Rights, of the people.

people we are the people. democracy is
taking a hard hit behind the criminal fascist
administration of this warmongering elitist. i am,
over and over, outraged, remain outraged, and
still there are huge numbers of american citizens
who do not apprehend this danger.

i listened to a debate regarding the invasion
and occupation of Iraq before falling out last
night. and i dreamt, powerful, color dreams,
persons from the right, persons from the left,
dancing in and out of the center, passing off
... something ? you know how dreams be. i was
dismayed to note how much alike they sounded.

their testimony was lies. i began to speak; i was
asking how can we maintain decency? who will
represent what this nation is supposed to be
all about? i can't recall the specifics, but i
literally woke up to the sound of my
own voice. orating - yep.

peace. amen

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