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Thursday, June 30, 2005

remember: rory's going to tell me about the funny crank calls
the kids were making as they waited to try out
for the drama club last year
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Bank robbery suspects shot in Marina del Rey as chase ends
the young man who knew my daughter was dead before i did works steps away [he's a sushi chef]
from where these guys were shot - and right across the
street from the kinko's
where i had to drop off some papers for copying yesterday.
the first thing i saw was the parking enforcement car blocking
maxella from being entered from lincoln blvd, then the yellow
tape, then the myriad cars and uniforms. i parked on lincoln
and walked to kinko's calling him on my cellphone as i went.

i guess it just dredged up all the dread feelings. i guess
tomorrow is july, the month of missed joy and tragedy that
will never end. he didn't answer on my first try, and while my order
was being written up and the counter dude at kinkos was
telling me a bank robber had been shot, he called me back.

i had lunch at Ballona,
udon noodles and shrimp tempura, delicious. but first i gave that
young man a long and tearful hug.

life is so precious. please let's appreciate that.

toward evening i had to go to staples for binders and dividers
and the traffic on lincoln was so bad. i saw that the police
were still investigating. i decided to take a walk by the harbor
before heading toward home. i was hoping for a shot of the
jellyfish that until tuesday had been populating the harbor in
amazingly large numbers, but they have apparently moved on.
however, the green heron was there...

the first time i saw it i didn't have my camera and didn't know
what i was seeing. i had to pore through my bird book for some time before identifying it. i barely
dared hope i'd get a chance to photograph it. there it was!
as i pulled my camera out, what do i hear but the loud distraction
of my cell phone. Rory was lonely and wondering when i'd be home...
i said, i'll call you right back, and started stalking and shooting.

i got a couple fairly decent shots. taking the camera back today.

MIT Weblog Survey
i can't find my way to the graphic anymore...

Wednesday, June 29, 2005
ICOCinvestigation.com: Exposing the Financial Fraud of the International Churches of Christ
ICOCinvestigation.com: Exposing the Financial Fraud of the
International Churches of Christ

it's been a long time coming...
it's gonna be a long time gone

ok, note re: the blog...now the text runs into
the side bar unless i put in manual breaks.


Blogger Buzz: Layout Solutions
Blogger Buzz: Layout Solutions: "#main #menu {
position: absolute;
right: 21px;

it was a blogger glitch! yay...now i need to go get the
survey link again and write to the guy and let him know
it was neither him nor me...:)

13-hour day today...not all working, but going,
going, going, and i couldn't go any longer without
taking care of my blog! y'know?

but good news too - i got this great picture of my son,

rory and chase

and more...green herons in the marina. an artistic shot of the hall.
at least i think it is. anyhow. hehe - visit again, there will be more pictures
for sure. even green herons, which represent, according to Shamanism
Working With Animal Spirits Core
, Heron's Wisdom Includes:

* All aspects of diversity
* Self-reliance
* Boundaries
* Exploration
* Self-esteem
* Balancing multiple tasks
* Dignity

Tuesday, June 28, 2005
Junior Sailor Association Volunteers to Help Chesapeake Little League
Junior Sailor Association Volunteers to Help Chesapeake Little League

Monday, June 27, 2005
Elderbear's Den
elderbear's back...just found out. :)

help! scroll down to learn how...
barbtries a blog
so i did the blog survey, pasted their graphic with the link into my blog, and suddenly there's this huge blank space. so i delete the link, but the huge blank space remains.

help, anyone?

thanks...i've not been blogging much. working in VanNuys four of the past five days, and i rolled home yesterday - Sunday - and almost 9 pm. Rory and i ate our Carl's jr. and i passed out.

i think i may have figured out what chase is about when he wakes me up clawing at me. i thought it meant he wanted to go out, but sometime during the night he did it again and i was way too sleepy, so i raised the blankie and he crawled right in. so i think i might know what it's about. i snore.

Monday, June 20, 2005
happy belated father's day

deb's post made me realize: i had not thought about MY father, only my grandchildren's father...this is the post card my father sent home to let his family know he had survived pearl harbor after all. in October 1968 he returned to hawaii for a job; we were going to follow in January. on November 23, 1968, he died. massive heart attack. i was 13; my father was 49.

dad's last diary entry, written as the lexington was about to sink. from this last page: Two carriers went down with all planes. Five Jap planes were shot down in 4 attempted attacks on our forces. Our losses in all these operations were one scout Bomber and one fighter destroyed. 5 planes were damaged. The "Yorktown" lost a similar no. of planes. No damage was inflicted on our surface craft.[the end of an entry dated 5/5/1942].
May 8, 1942:
Our planes took off at 09:30 to attack two enemy carriers at approx. 90 miles distant. We went to GQ at that time. Jap planes attacked us at 11:15 with

and that's as far as he got...he was on a sinking ship.

i'm the blonde in the daddy's lap. this is to my knowledge the only picture i can recall of my dad and i together, other than some other, color, family portraits taken about a year later. by the time my brother john and i came along, my parents had bought a movie camera...very few stills survive if they ever existed in the first place.

happy dad's day and every day dad...give my girl a hug and a kiss from me too...love


my sailor son will be on the USS Pearl Harbor in january 2006...ironic, huh?

Sunday, June 19, 2005
A Son's Errand, Gunshots and the Quest...
you'll have to register for the LA Times, but it's free and worth it.

Friday, June 17, 2005
morning thought
though thoughts come hard when my mind is begging me to keep sleeping...here it is:

i'd rather have a dishwasher than be a dishwasher

offered holding nose over the kitchen sink. damn.

Thursday, June 16, 2005
Photograph by Solange...

Michele caught a bolt of lightning with her camera today. and a purple sky cracking open in front of a purple mind...

Tuesday, June 14, 2005
Family Makes Anti-Violence Plea
this ran two days before deliesh succumbed...i need to get back to work , but doubt this is the last i'll mention deliesh, her aunts, certainly not the last time i'll be ruminating on violence in the street. random murders. innocent victims. devastated families. and so on

Saturday, June 11, 2005
Dry Bones Dance
i met the women who raised Deliesh Allen today at grief counseling. they touched me deeply...fyi, in case you click the link and read the story, Deliesh died on March 25, 2005. She was 15 years old.

Friday, June 10, 2005
Newcomer message from Gary Craig
thanks to kat, i've been getting emails about EFT for several months, but i never checked them out until i saw "snoring" in the subject line this morning. I will study more. Now that life is looking up and happiness seems more than a prospective future possiblity, but a probable present reality, this looks to me to be a possibly excellent avenue to further the good.

cause i need to lose weight, stop smoking, give up junk food and dr. pepper, etc.

last night i dreamt of holes as big as canyons in my teeth. wonder why? well, i think i may know...my boss is going to the dentist this morning, my friend jacques and i discussed his trip to a beautiful canyon on the phone last night, and the last thing i did before falling out was scale my teeth. lol

i also dreamt i was with an old boyfriend, and we were at a house at the beach [i dream beaches and ocean often]. it was on a hillside, all full of what looked to be brambles and bushes and vines and shit, but when i sat, looking down, it became a carousel and suddenly i was on a ferris wheel made of greenery, taken up, over, and lifted gently down.

at another time Rory and i were walking through a parking lot. it was morning and i think we were on vacation. there were birds, so many birds, even an owl.

your interpretations welcome - i'll think on it and decide what is my interpretation, maybe....time for work!

Monday, June 06, 2005
life lesson
the difference between a job you hate and a job you love is kinda like the difference between hell and heaven.

yay i got a job i love. a NICE boss, ambient even beautiful surroundings, variety. plenty to do and accomplish. benefits even! gawd DAMN it's great.

and i wouldn't be me i guess if i didn't have to add a lesson of bereavement. it's 3:54 am and i've been awake for almost an hour even though i only managed three hours of sleep last night. i guess it will ALWAYS be hard to sleep. nonetheless i have to say as i write on this wee hour i am as happy as i have been since july 19, 2001. i gotta go try to sleep some more in the two hours i have left before i must get up and go to work. but first, amen

:) more later...PEACE

Sunday, June 05, 2005
Chase takes a walk

Who am i, what am i
A picture's worth

moon phases

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