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Thursday, March 20, 2008
Legal Schnauzer: Jack-Booted Thugs Visit the Schnauzer
Legal Schnauzer: Jack-Booted Thugs Visit the Schnauzer
something is rotten in the state of Alabama.
Alice Martin, for one. many others. Read this guy's
blog, please, pass it on and about so it sees the
light of day.

hell in a handbasket, i tell ya.

Saturday, March 15, 2008
Iraq Veterans Against the War
Iraq Veterans Against the War
i'm live streaming the program and finding myself
in tears repeatedly. the courage to speak up in public
and shed light on the crimes of the occupation can
not be overstated.

this is huge. i believe that every adult american
should be watching this.

end the occupation now. save the country, save
our children, save the suffering innocents.

Monday, March 10, 2008
-Leading To War-
-Leading To War-

Sunday, March 09, 2008
excellent anti war and support the troops rant

Saturday, March 01, 2008
AlterNet: George Bush Is Engaged in an Epic Battle to Cover His Ass
AlterNet: George Bush Is Engaged in an Epic Battle to Cover His Ass: ...Without a reviewable
record of warrants, it's not as if anyone can possibly
find out -- unless somebody sues the telecoms, and
specific, decidedly non-terrorist surveillance targets
are identified in the ensuing discovery process. And
that is why the Republicans are going apeshit over
retroactive immunity, not just to protect the telecoms,
but to cover their own asses. If it ever comes out that
their secret, illegal domestic wiretaps were not
targeting al Qaeda, but Al Gore, the jig is finally up.
The entire 'trust us, we're hunting terrorists' rationale,
as thin as it always was, will lose any residual integrity,
and the GOP may never recover. And they know it. And maybe,
hopefully, the Democrats finally know it too.

a straightforward piece about the real reason gw
is fighting so hard - to the extent, in fact, of
threatening to veto the very bill they continually
insist is necessary to "protect us from the
terrorists" - to write in immunity for companies
that have been complicit in a few of their crimes.

highly recommended reading. it is becoming very
clear that this anything but transparent
administration has been about nothing but
politics 24/7 since long before they stole
the white house. and the republican gravy train
is careening out of control right into it.

crash these criminals. let's get our country

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