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Saturday, October 04, 2014
i have always held these beliefs, since i was in a teenager (DU rant)
i turned 18 in 1973.
that women's liberation was really everyone's liberation
that women are 100% human - we just want to be people too

 that it is now 2014 and we still need a women's liberation movement makes me sad. but then it
 seems that with the exception of great strides being made in the area of lgbt rights,
this country is moving backward, pushed by the right wing fundamentalist
so called christian authoritarian ASSHOLES who own the media
and have decided if they can't govern they can at least make it damn near
impossible for anyone else to.

 i just don't feel quite at home in this country anymore. it's constantly distressing

 fuck it.

so i was a hippie. peace. love

 i still believe in these things and in advocating for them.
 at the same time i'm working for a living and tired the rest of the time,
and i have to watch the daily show to learn the news from a POV that
does not horrify me. then i come to DU, my little virtual home on the web,
and it is full of bullshit. bullshit, and fighting, over things upon which we
should agree.

 is peace good? do we believe in equality for everyone? won't DUers be right there
when the people do rise up and wield their own power, the only real power
 (a day i truly believe will happen as we endure this rerun of the pre-depression
 "golden age" being fleeced from every direction)? i used to come here
 to learn the news, it was really the best place for it. i would know what
was going on because i was plugged into DU. every once in a while
 i would post a rant. it was good.

but now, fuck it. or not. i haven't mentioned guns and i really want to
 mention guns. and police brutality. how on this board can there be
people defending police brutality. how on this board can there be people who
don't agree that the gun culture in the US is out of control and sick sick SICK?
yet on this board i have seen a post asking me why i am afraid of guns (because i hate guns and would not have one in my home) - when it is so clear to me that the people
who have swallowed the NRA's BULLSHIT message must also be watching the
evening news night after night and learning to fear everything.

 i was forced into a commercial while watching a show online the other day.
 woman says, i used to be afraid of having a gun, until that day...let's
just strike fear into people over and over and over and why? it's not to protect
 any fucking right, it's to enrich gun manufacturers. that is their
marketing plan. make the populace fearful and they will buy more guns. how sick is that.

fuck it. and people buying into that bullshit post on DU day in and day out.
what happened? here's my personal opinion right or wrong i do not know:
there are many people posting here who are paid to do so. i mean i know
 as a diehard liberal bleeding heart democrat i'm not hanging around
 free republic or yahoo news making conversations with people who
disgust and horrify me (on fb i know all my friends and i will engage
from time to time with those i believe to be ignorant or hold disgusting
and horrifying views pounded into them by the likes of fox news).

so that's my logic. DU is full of paid posters working for right wing entities
such as AFP or the chamber of commerce or whatever, to engage right
 thinking (meaning liberal, caring, logical progressives) people in discussions
 meant to corral them to the right wing of american political thought and
deed. and also along the way to strip them of their caring, to make them
forget their common humanity, to encourage them to hate and to fear the
 republican way. etc

 yep sheshe2 fuck it! you apparently struck a nerve over here.

King Solomon: Justice will only be achieved when those who are not injured by crime feel as indignant as those who are. Bekah Zask 07/06/80 - murdered 07/19/01 my only girl

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