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Saturday, April 05, 2003
Doug's Dynamic Drivel

doug provides some information regarding how it was that gw ended up president in spite of not having won the election.

oh the stink....

these days when i click on my poll [see "bush" to the left], i get one of those errors saying the request cannot be completed. when i go to the poll site, i find no reason for that. feeds directly into my conspiracy theories, though one reason i've always felt free to put pretty much whatever i wanted on my blog was the belief that no one would ever care. and my numbers don't dispute that. in over a year i've had just over 5,000 readers and i'm probably 3,000 of those. but there it is. anyway if you've attempted to place a vote on the poll recently and found yourself looking at an error page instead, my apologies. i'll go to the site and see if the problem can be rectified within the next several days.

still moving quite sluggishly through this world. so much so i hate to make promises anymore. except to andy: andy, we will be at your graduation. with bells on as they say. :)

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