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Monday, April 14, 2003
National Weather Service : Zone Forecast : Lake , Illinois

oh, goody...looks like we'll be flying into thunderstorms. yippee. lol
on a lighter note, i'm so excited that we're going i can no longer talk straight. i start to say something with a lucid thought in my head it comes out absurd. whatever! to all [two] of my faithful readers, i will be OUT OF TOWN from the 17th to the 24th of april, seeing my son graduate from navy basic training and then on to vegas to gamble like the fool i am. among other things! :)

like seeing some real weather, apparently. ha! can't hardly wait...

i got a picture from the great lakes recruit training center's homepage, and believed that the recruit front and center, facing the man who was speaking, was Andy. 10-15-05: it was not. but this baby is. :) Rory says it is not, Denise says, "That's Andy. Of course that's Andy." So we'll find out Friday for sure, hopefully...i've decided that for his grad present i'm getting him a computer, his choice, laptop or desktop, so either way i guess we'll be able to find out. :)

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