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Friday, April 11, 2003
Online Candlelight Vigils

for three nights now i've kept the candles "burning" while i slept, here on the couch in front of the computer...i've watched the number of candles grow from 234 to 468 to 831 to 948. yesterday evening i scrolled through one to two hundred random tributes without seeing one of bekah's. i've taken to copying the victims' names then looking up their stories and oh, the stories i've read.

ten minutes after i am idle my screensaver kicks in. you know how it works...just now i woke up in time for the last five minutes of "White Nights," an old cold war era movie with a tearjerker ending; slightly awake and given to tears, i pushed the enter bar.

of 948 candles, bekah has five, three of which originated from this computer. when i pushed the enter bar this is the image on my computer screen:

- posted by barbara @ 4/11/2003 07:02:00 AM
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