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Friday, April 25, 2003
Court upholds burglar

a repeat felon is watched by police, who arrest him after he attempts to
burglarize a couple of places. he is convicted and sentenced to 110 years
to life in prison.

rambo gets drunk and pissed off, tears down a san pedro street, swerves
into the opposing lane and wipes my 21-year-old daughter off the face
of the earth. she does not only attempt to kill she succeeds in killing.
after that, she drags the 119-pound body of her victim about 100 yards
down the road and dumps it in the median, where approximately all
of bekah's blood leaves her body via her head. the stain left in
the median remains visible for most of a year. bekah's head is
so badly damaged we are persuaded never to see
our girl again.

rambo speeds away from bekah's dead body. in spite of the head-sized
shattering of her car's windshield right in front of her face, this
killer successfully navigates the extremely sharp turn onto the dark
winding two lane road that leads to her husband's ocean view home
without any problem. when she gets home she goes to sleep so soundly
that neither policemen in her bedroom nor the barking of dogs can
rouse her; according to the "murder book," her husband has to shake
her awake so that she can be arrested. she never expresses concern,
remorse, not even curiosity, regarding the person whose life she
stole so casually, not to bekah's family, not to the police,
certainly not in court. not at deposition.

rambo is allowed to plead out of the murder charge, allowed in
fact to plead "no contest" to felony vehicular manslaughter
with gross negligence while intoxicated and felony hit and
run. at the pleading her lawyer states for the record that
his client is not conceding blame or fault in the violent
gruesome death of an innocent beautiful 21-year-old stranger.

rambo is sentenced to 4 years in state prison. she will serve
two. it's my understanding that this homicidal drunk was 52
years old when she murdered bekah. she will, apparently,
celebrate her 55th birthday out of prison.

she was not a convict when she murdered bekah, but she did have
a misdemeanor arrest warrant for grand theft outstanding on the
day my daughter was killed. she was driving without a valid
driver's license and, according to her statement to the
detectives following her arrest, prior dui convictions.

so, attempt burglary, get 110 years to life. murder Bekah Zask,
get out of prison in two years.

say what?

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