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Tuesday, February 13, 2007
When I Came Home
When I Came Home
a touching, shocking, important work in progress at guerrilla news network

war. what is it good for? absolutely nuthin.

peace. amen

Sunday, February 11, 2007
A Road Map Out of Iraq
by Brzezinski. The article's preface gives the title of
Brzezinski’s new book, which makes it appear that the
OpEd was undertaken to publicize his book.

i think it's a damn good question, why the msm is
letting the bushies get away with snubbing any decent
advice that will save lives end the war. they just
ignore news, and they're the ones so many many people
depend upon to GET their news! happily i signed off
several years ago, recognizing the bullshit...

it really kinda amazes me that so many people
don't recognize the bullshit. will we have to
suffer 10 to 20 times the fatalities in Iraq
before THE PEOPLE take the government back
and force the hands of their elected representatives?
WILL we ever have another elected president?

why did this new congress rubber stamp the pack of
lies that is the 911 commission report by passing
laws based upon it, lending credibility to its
conclusions and validity to its (bushie whores)

Testimony Before the Committee on foreign relations

Zbigniew Brzezinski's testimony: it is pretty scathing, and
he makes it pretty clear that the bush administration, in order
to get their war with Iran, would be providing suspect evidence -
as they did with Iraq. He also comes just short of flatly stating
that we should prepare ourselves for another "terrorist" attack...
but it wouldn't be al qaeda or any other islamic extremist
groups carrying out this attack. it would be this administration.

just like this administration did on 9-11-01. i know that WWIII
does not HAVE to happen! but time is
getting short to avert it. i feel truly impotent.
Re: 9/11 Truth: Consequences of Revealing the Truth about 9/11

Saturday, February 10, 2007
Hiya, Welcome to Our Peace Team
Hiya, Welcome to Our Peace Team
Demonstrate against the war tomorrow in manhattan beach.

i'm gonna try to make it, i think.

Hiya, Welcome to Our Peace Team
Hiya, Welcome to Our Peace Team
Demonstrate against the war tomorrow in manhattan beach.

i'm gonna try to make it, i think.

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Friday, February 09, 2007
Cool Slideshows

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Sunday, February 04, 2007
Thank You Lt. Watada - Contact
Thank You Lt. Watada - Contact

i want all the kids to do this. the war is
wrong. it is ruinous to our country, nevermind
what has become of iraq [and afghanistan].

and the damn congress appears not to appreciate
the URGENCY - gw and cheney and the rest of the
corporate fascist warmongering thieves are
finagling us ever so inexorably into another
world war - and we will not win. it will only
mean loss, loss and destruction and catastophe.

if a soldier or a sailor or a marine or a guardsman
or an airman happen by my blog. i am so thankful
for you, and please believe: it is that i do not
want to hear of even one more death. not of an
american, not of an iraqi...not one more death
that is unnatural, premature, and occurring to keep
criminal SOBs rich and powerful.


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