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Saturday, September 30, 2006
the woodshed
the woodshed

you gotta see this

"Myth" and Other Poems
"Myth" and Other Poems
Book for Sale, Book for Sale, good cause :)

everything's rolling the other direction now...
meaning up. my daughter's visage will soon grace
a billboard in Covina, hopefully saving a life.
the job is good, people are great, the buses
run on my schedule. sometimes. someday i'll tell
the story of monday, my first day riding the bus.

and today i heard that some in the MSM may actually be reporting the
truth regarding the criminal administration currently
holding power in what used to my country.


Sunday, September 24, 2006
9/11 Mysteries (Full Length, High Quality) - Google Video
9/11 Mysteries (Full Length, High Quality) - Google Video

this movie was made by a conservative republican.
please give it a look...

Saturday, September 23, 2006
September Eleventh; Should the truth be revealed or concealed? - Google Video
September Eleventh; Should the truth be revealed or concealed? - Google Video: "September Eleventh; Should the truth be revealed or concealed?"

it's over an hour long and well worth it.

Friday, September 15, 2006
Off the dole...
I got a job. I'm not making enough money,
still don't know if we'll have a place to
live after all the changes, but YEAH!

got a job. start monday

musta been all that good energy flowing
as it does through the blogosphere, and
from the other mothers, and from bekah...amen

Myth and Other Poems
consider buying my book...thanks

Wednesday, September 13, 2006
barbtries DU too - i lost my job
barbtries DU too - i lost my job
just today decided to post to my Democratic Underground blog, for the good cause of hopefully selling some more books

so anyhow. i published a little book of poems on Lulu, and am posting for the
first time on my DU blog in order to ask any poetry-loving
DUers to check it out and consider buying it: Myth and Other Poems.

Final Verdict Released | bushcommission.org
Final Verdict Released | bushcommission.org

Commission Finds President George W. Bush and His Administration Guilty of War Crimes and Crimes Against Humanity

never a doubt to this mind. sadly...

Monday, September 11, 2006
2996 Scott W Rohner

i cannot ascertain his birthdate, and that bothers me. I have been
able to learn that Scott was one of 6 children From Hoboken, NJ, and
that he was a buff athletic guy who was and undoubtedly continues
to be well-loved by his friends and his family.


He lived an exceptional life and died an exceptional death,
according to the memoir posted at Legacy.com. The quote reportedly comes from
the bereaved mother of this 22-year-old victim of the
9-11-01 attack on the World Trade Center. Scott W.
Rohner was 22 years old, working at his first
professional position following graduation from
Hobart College. Scott worked as a foreign exchange
trader at the firm of Cantor Fitzgerald, the firm
at the WTC that lost the greatest number of
employees (658). He banked two paychecks
before being murdered on the 105th floor
five years ago today.

A quote from September 11, 2001 Victims
I knew Scott from
basically the moment we were born and while he was
attending college he sent me a letter with a story
about giving me angel wings so I could fly freely
without fear and attain my wildest dreams knowing
that he was there to support me. I was right down the
block from the WTC when the planes hit, and I can't
help think that Scott gave me wings that day to
carry on…Love you Scottie. You will never be
forgotten. Always in our hearts. Kerry, Roseland

Scott was a tremendous athlete and an extraordinary person.

The pages I visited during my search for Scott W Rohner:
Dust in the Light
Safe at Home, September 11, 2001
blog of death
United in Memory
Hobart and William Smith Colleges
9-11 Heroes
CNN.com Memorial
September 11, 2001 Victims
Remember September 11, 2001
Publicity forces victims' relatives to relive the agony

And so many, many more.

Scott's mother is quoted in one of the stories, Every year
the public steps a little further over the line, and all it
does is bring back memories...I have to relive the event all
over again. We've become victims ourselves because we haven't
been able to deal with the tragedy in our own terms.

Mrs. Rohner, if you happen to read this, please know that I signed up for 2996 not to cause pain,
but just the opposite. Because our children should not be forgotten.
What I hope you and and your family can take from this is the
certain knowledge that Scott still inspires Love in people who never got
the chance to meet him while alive.

On 9-11-01, I was almost two months into the nightmare of bereavement.
My daughter Bekah Zask was murdered on 7-19-01. i recall feeling as
if lead had been poured into my veins, such was the heaviness of
the news of 911. At the time I expressed my belief that the country
as a whole was learning the feelings I had been grappling with since
Bekah's unjust and abrupt death. And in my diary, I wrote to Bekah,...from
where you are I fancy or feel that since 09-11-01 you have been
quite busy. Forced there by murder once then forced by
mass murder into an accelerated program so to speak....

Since receiving my assignment for today, parallels
between Scott and Bekah occur to me - though there is a bit of a stretch,
bear with me. Scott had just finished his degree in the Spring; Bekah
had just begun her last year of College days before her death.
Scott was 22; Bekah, 21, both of them standing at the threshold of
their fulfilled, adult lives. I have gained from my reading the
sense of a vibrant and loving spirit, and this describes Bekah
as well. And I'm silly, I admit it, but I wonder if Scott isn't
the person who put his name next to mine for this anniversary?

Rest in Peace for all victims Everywhere, and to the
Victims of 911, today is for you. amen

Sunday, September 10, 2006
Dear Mom, 10/22/92

I wrote this letter in Teen Skills, and it's about why I love
you, and how much.
First, I would like to thank you for listening
to all of my boring pre-teen stories. I know you
care about what happens at school, and about my life,
by you listening. Thank you for trusting me.
I hope you always can.
When you read this letter, please don't cry
like when you read the one from second grade, when I was sick.
Thank you for being the best mother that
a girl can have. It's better than all of the
money in the world.
Love, your only daughter forever,
Bekah-Marie Bales Zask

By the way! It would be a real mitzvah for you to buy this Book, which I wrote thanks
Image hosted by Webshots.com
by barbtries

Saturday, September 09, 2006
"Myth" and Other Poems by B B (Book) in
"Myth" and Other Poems by B B (Book) in
sales of six - 6! - so far. :)

can't wait to see how it looks...gee.

got lots of writing to do, and lots more, and more,
of which to write. murder trials happening, outcomes
and so on.

a mother lost her son last weekend, and today
she still does not know how she will bury him.

We will never forget. Scott Bohner

Wednesday, September 06, 2006
Rory in the spotlight
My hair is like the color of sand
My eyes turn from the color of the sky to the color of the sea
My arms are amazingly long for my hands
My hands are amazingly small for my arms
My heart has been cracked since the death of my sister
I’m quick to talk without thinking, trying to make people laugh
I never go back on a promise
My friends are what help me keep going
I live as if I die tomorrow
I hope to be successful and make lots of money
I dream as if I'll never die
Rory Bales that’s me!

by my son, who got 49 of 50
on his first biology test.

I'd sold FIVE whole books! yea - Myth and other poems

Monday, September 04, 2006
"Myth" and Other Poems by B B (Book) in
"Myth" and Other Poems by B B (Book) in

all right, one day, one sale, one big vote...thank you yndy

This story waits - his murderer's jury got the case
a week ago now. Christopher's mother is barely hanging
on waiting. There will be more about Christopher.

Sunday, September 03, 2006
"Myth" and Other Poems by B B
"Myth" and Other Poems by B B

I decided to publish a small volume of poems on Lulu What really
sucks is i lost my job. we are in real danger of losing
our home; i'm way behind on the rent.

so much more to write, to tell. but here's the
thing right now: a book of poems available, now and likely
not for ever. Likely i will soon delete the
book of poems and publish the book of bereavement.

So! I have big huge favors to ask of anyone who
stops by and has the means: IF you purchase a copy,
please let me know how it looks, and feels.

more later, fo' sho.
thanking anyone in advance with
fingers crossed...

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