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Monday, January 29, 2007
cheney - the gw admin - murderers
after the 1st gulf war - which i actually supported the
US involvement in, believing that we as the only superpower
left had a moral duty to keep smaller countries like Kuwait
from being bullied by genocidal monsters like saddam - which
at the time i did truly believe he was potentially another
hitler - anyhow. when it ended and saddam retained power, i
just kinda tuned out. i believed 1000%, and have to say
that the events of the son's administration have convinced
me i was right all along, that saddam was kept alive and
allowed to retain power for one reason: so the motherfuckers
could throw another war down the line.

i remember in 2000 how i had to work late, and i didn't
really want to leave the house to vote, but i HAD to,
because if gw was president he was going to throw a war.
just knew it, knew it, knew it.

they have fulfilled and exceeded my scaredy-est qualms,
from the early '90s to the year 2000. they have murdered
americans here and abroad. they are secretive, soulless,
murderous warmongers.

they must be taken out of office.
Pathological Liars For God

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