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Saturday, January 13, 2007
dear nancy pelosi
dear nancy pelosi
to rep pelosi and all of the members of congress:

the only way to have a shot at retaining your seat is to do
the right thing. end the war impeach charge convict and imprison
the war criminals. refuse funding for any more money to be
thrown at the war profiteers via a spending bill that
includes money to fund the illegal action and occupation in iraq.

Defend the constitution, or forget about holding public o
ffice in the future. Represent your constituency, the a
merican people, or lay down and open your legs like the
whores we will know you are if you keep hedging and
allowing the travesty of the gw administration to hold
power one second longer than necessary.

can it really be true that the lawmakers of this country
have not noticed that the bush administration is a ROGUE a
dministration who is not only ruining the good name of the
USA throughout the world but is waging war by innocents
upon innocents, and appears hell-bent on perpetuating a
state of war indefinitely? which they are doing for their
own greed?

the environament is being trashed; the middle class is
going away. the national treasury has been and is being
looted scandalously.

and he's mentally ill! everybody told him to get out,
start preparing to withdraw, and what does he do? throws
another 20,000 bodies at iraq! it is very plain to me
that until you GET RID OF him, and cheney, and rice,
and so on and on, death and destruction, shame and grief,
will be the order of the day for this once great country.

thank you

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