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Sunday, January 07, 2007
Baghdad Year Zero (Harpers.org)
Baghdad Year Zero (Harpers.org)

one of the best articles i have read at explaining
where the shit comes from, and how it rolls downhill.

thanking a fellow DU'er for posting the link i
kinda lost it:

what a great article, and it explained a lot that til
today i did not get. i mean i got that the neocons had
invaded and occupied for greed, but this articale
illustrated so well the toll that homicidal greed has demanded.


i scream that because i do agree with the original poster:
it will not stop. he's going to do it without consulting
congress. between the "catapulting the propaganda" and
campaigning for a living, this bastard just doesn't have
the time for respect or adherence to the rule of law, which
is what has kept this nation together and prosperous thus far.
not only does he have no clothes on, his skin is purulent with
the weeping sores of hatred larceny greed and the mass murders
he has ordered so he could dress up like a soldier and call himself a "war president???"

every time i hear his voice it is brought home to me that much
more clearly that this man simply does not give a rat's ass: not
for the dead and wounded, not for the displaced and disfigured,
not for the needy whose lives are in peril, and ultimately,
not for the laws of this or any land. while he's pretending
to stall on making the right decision regarding this travesty of a war -
having conveniently let it leak that the citizens of the USA are
not to be informed as to who is prowling around the people's house
- and we wait like good kids for some fucking bullshit speech
(has he EVER not bullshitted his way through a speech?!) -
he's getting his fucking ducks in a row.

he has to be stopped!!!

i feel soiled and ashamed; the pure heartlessness that appears
to characterize every fucking move these bastards make
distresses me to my red white and blue soul.

once upon a time i felt truly thankful to be an american; once upon
a time i believed that although our system - of, for, and by the
people - while necessarily imperfect (considering that we are a
nation of human beings, or so i believed)- was the best upon the planet.

and look what they've done to this country, to this nation's young,
to countless innocent citizens of a previously sovereign nation that
posed no threat to the USA. goodgawd they should be drowning in
all the blood they have spilled, but instead: that goddam
motherfucker installs a different set of warmongering yesmen
and prepares to throw more and more bodies at the fire,
and nobody's doing a fucking thing to stop this madness.

i'll be in a madhouse myself before this fearsome shit settles down....

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