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Sunday, January 21, 2007
The Blog | Speaker Nancy Pelosi: Progress is Possible Again | The Huffington Post
The Blog | Speaker Nancy Pelosi: Progress is Possible Again | The Huffington Post

had to tell the Speaker what to do,
cause she's so slow...and i went on
for 155 words too many for the huffington post.
oh well...:
dear ms pelosi, that's all fine and dandy but there's a couple things
you GOTTA know!
1. You must get rid of this rogue administration!
all this blathering about investigations then impeachment etcetera
is unbelievably frustrating.

as you go along getting ready to investigate issues THAT have
been very ably investigated and reported upon over the course
of the past SIX years, these idiots, these murderous criminals,
are poised to put us into WWIII.

did you notice that as gw begins his escalation of a
the USA suffered its deadliest single day over there in hell.

these are our children killing and being killed to satisfy
a naked, twisted emperor who will not STOP unless he is made to STOP.

you gotta do this, for the country and for the planet, Ms. Pelosi.

2. You need to work on rescinding the lawless "laws" that have
been put on the books - you know the ones. the ones that strip
US citizens of their constitutional rights. the ones that
indemnify these war mongering murderers from having to pay
any consequences for their numerous crimes.

3. You need to reopen an investigation into 911. a REAL and
TRULY independent investigation; not that pitiful BS panel
peopled by bush whores publishing lies.

I am pretty certain that all members of Congress have known
for a good long time that the official version of what
happened on that day is bullshit. Please be the democratically
controlled congress that actually penetrates and exposes the
ugly truth that has been for years turning the democracy of
our forefathers into a corporate fascist state run by cold
blooded killers whose greed is so overwhelming it takes
my breath away.

So, a good start. I appreciate your work. For less than enough
money to live i work 5 days a week, 8 to 9 hours a day...i'm 51 -
\my daughter was murdered in 2001 - i'm single and struggling
like hell to raise a 14-year-old here in southern california.
and my president has spent a full YEAR out of the past six years
on his frigging ranch, while afghanistan and iraq and the WTC burn,
while new orleans drowns, while WH staff commit treasonous acts,
some of which they try to justify with their absurd, insulting
interpretations of executive powers, plenty more that are kept
a secret from the people of the US with the full - unconscionable
and equally criminal - assistance of the whores who call
themselves journalists these days.

i never thought i'd be so impassioned with regard to the political
situation in this country. i mean, i hated nixon, i did - but
i reacted with apathy, i was young, raising a family, all
that shit. i used to believe that democratic or republic, the people
in charge respected that they served a government "of, for, and
by the people" - and the whole time what they were doing was
undermining it in any way possible, enriching themselves obscenely
all the while.

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