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Thursday, April 27, 2006
sugarfused.net ? Concerts I’ve Seen
sugarfused.net ? Concerts I’ve Seen

i still remember my first; it was the hollywood palladium, and the lineup was boz scaggs,
fleetwood mac, and steve miller. this before
they all hit much bigger.

j geils band - jethro tull - rod stewart - laura nyro -
bette midler - jerry garcia band - mark tanner - new
riders of the purple sage - john stewart - marshall tucker - george harrison - the whispers - harold melvin
and the bluenotes - marley festival - aswad - crowded
house - rush - yes - george carlin - oingo boingo - humble pie -

i had tickets to van morrison but it was canceled.

i went to the california jam, the west coast's
answer to woodstock...and what else? can't think now. david lindley
[i always loved his "werewolves of london" the best]

but thanks for the memories. :)

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