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Friday, April 14, 2006
barbtries a blog: April 2002
i made four years and didnt even notice, if it wasn't for lying media bastards
commemorating his fourth anniversary...time flies, eh? :)

barbtries a blog: April 2002: "i am getting frustrated,
every template doesnot work, my blog's not
published yet...it's getting real late.

- posted by barbara @ 4/03/2002 12:51:18 AM yacc at me?

BLOGGER - How to troubleshoot Blogger errors

- posted by barbara @ 4/03/2002 12:31:42 AM yacc at me?

edit your blog:

- posted by barbara @ 4/03/2002 12:27:30 AM yacc at me?

my second blog. how much easier can this be?

- posted by barbara @ 4/03/2002 12:18:03 AM yacc at me?

my first blog, don't look for any earth-shattering wisdom,
tearjerking pathos, or a laugh. it's just my first blog after all.

- posted by barbara @ 4/03/2002 12:17:02 AM yacc at me? "

lol. i didn't know what the hell i was doing, but that
was not about to stop me.

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