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Friday, June 10, 2005
Newcomer message from Gary Craig
thanks to kat, i've been getting emails about EFT for several months, but i never checked them out until i saw "snoring" in the subject line this morning. I will study more. Now that life is looking up and happiness seems more than a prospective future possiblity, but a probable present reality, this looks to me to be a possibly excellent avenue to further the good.

cause i need to lose weight, stop smoking, give up junk food and dr. pepper, etc.

last night i dreamt of holes as big as canyons in my teeth. wonder why? well, i think i may know...my boss is going to the dentist this morning, my friend jacques and i discussed his trip to a beautiful canyon on the phone last night, and the last thing i did before falling out was scale my teeth. lol

i also dreamt i was with an old boyfriend, and we were at a house at the beach [i dream beaches and ocean often]. it was on a hillside, all full of what looked to be brambles and bushes and vines and shit, but when i sat, looking down, it became a carousel and suddenly i was on a ferris wheel made of greenery, taken up, over, and lifted gently down.

at another time Rory and i were walking through a parking lot. it was morning and i think we were on vacation. there were birds, so many birds, even an owl.

your interpretations welcome - i'll think on it and decide what is my interpretation, maybe....time for work!

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