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Monday, June 06, 2005
life lesson
the difference between a job you hate and a job you love is kinda like the difference between hell and heaven.

yay i got a job i love. a NICE boss, ambient even beautiful surroundings, variety. plenty to do and accomplish. benefits even! gawd DAMN it's great.

and i wouldn't be me i guess if i didn't have to add a lesson of bereavement. it's 3:54 am and i've been awake for almost an hour even though i only managed three hours of sleep last night. i guess it will ALWAYS be hard to sleep. nonetheless i have to say as i write on this wee hour i am as happy as i have been since july 19, 2001. i gotta go try to sleep some more in the two hours i have left before i must get up and go to work. but first, amen

:) more later...PEACE

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