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Thursday, June 30, 2005
Bank robbery suspects shot in Marina del Rey as chase ends
the young man who knew my daughter was dead before i did works steps away [he's a sushi chef]
from where these guys were shot - and right across the
street from the kinko's
where i had to drop off some papers for copying yesterday.
the first thing i saw was the parking enforcement car blocking
maxella from being entered from lincoln blvd, then the yellow
tape, then the myriad cars and uniforms. i parked on lincoln
and walked to kinko's calling him on my cellphone as i went.

i guess it just dredged up all the dread feelings. i guess
tomorrow is july, the month of missed joy and tragedy that
will never end. he didn't answer on my first try, and while my order
was being written up and the counter dude at kinkos was
telling me a bank robber had been shot, he called me back.

i had lunch at Ballona,
udon noodles and shrimp tempura, delicious. but first i gave that
young man a long and tearful hug.

life is so precious. please let's appreciate that.

toward evening i had to go to staples for binders and dividers
and the traffic on lincoln was so bad. i saw that the police
were still investigating. i decided to take a walk by the harbor
before heading toward home. i was hoping for a shot of the
jellyfish that until tuesday had been populating the harbor in
amazingly large numbers, but they have apparently moved on.
however, the green heron was there...

the first time i saw it i didn't have my camera and didn't know
what i was seeing. i had to pore through my bird book for some time before identifying it. i barely
dared hope i'd get a chance to photograph it. there it was!
as i pulled my camera out, what do i hear but the loud distraction
of my cell phone. Rory was lonely and wondering when i'd be home...
i said, i'll call you right back, and started stalking and shooting.

i got a couple fairly decent shots. taking the camera back today.

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