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barbtries a blog
Monday, June 27, 2005
help! scroll down to learn how...
barbtries a blog
so i did the blog survey, pasted their graphic with the link into my blog, and suddenly there's this huge blank space. so i delete the link, but the huge blank space remains.

help, anyone?

thanks...i've not been blogging much. working in VanNuys four of the past five days, and i rolled home yesterday - Sunday - and almost 9 pm. Rory and i ate our Carl's jr. and i passed out.

i think i may have figured out what chase is about when he wakes me up clawing at me. i thought it meant he wanted to go out, but sometime during the night he did it again and i was way too sleepy, so i raised the blankie and he crawled right in. so i think i might know what it's about. i snore.

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