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Sunday, November 20, 2011
a dream
Bekah was there. it was one of those dreams where
i didn't know she was dead. others were there and they
kept coming, and i had to get to work. well let's just
say it was getting later and later and i needed to
call in to work to let them know i would be late.

but i could not remember the number. i grew more
and more frantic. i remembered the area code, but
could not recall the number to save my life. and
was getting so distraught you would think it was
going to kill me.

i woke up from this nightmare and shouted out my
number at work. literally.

then later i tried to fathom what it means about Bekah,
about me not knowing she was dead in this dream. dreams
come both ways. but the ones where i do not know she
is dead tend to disturb me somehow.

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