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Sunday, March 27, 2011
a note about the nuclear crisis in Japan
i just read a thread on DemocraticUnderground where DUers are back
and forth between doomsaying and naysaying the doomsaying. there
is just so much we don't know. much more, i think, than what we
do know, though i could be wrong about that.

but how it ultimately turns out is the foregone conclusion. we
just can't see what it is. nor can we do a gawd damn thing to
change it. if the worst happens, everything that had to occur
for it to happen has happened or is happening on an ongoing
basis. if the worst is averted the result is still not good.
and we are helpless.

we're just helpless. like that old bromide doctors use for
patients with a poor prognosis. hope for the best and plan
for the worst. that's about all we can do. for the people
directly affected their options are even more limited. listen
to the officials who seem to be the blind leading the blind
with all the stories coming out. listen, but should they believe?
is there reason to panic?

i personally feel that if i was in their position and had
the means to leave Japan i would do so, or at least abandon
that area. but how many can possibly have those means. and
many if not most people are connected to where they live
by more than economics. i used to be myself until economics
drove me across the country away from my lifelong home, my
daughter's grave, my oldest son and all of my grandchildren.
now i place a higher premium on the quality of my life than
on the place it is being conducted.

i see this disaster kind of like the tsunami but in extreme
slow motion. nonetheless i personally am convinced that the
destruction will ultimately rival or eclipse that caused by
the two precipitating disasters. no expert. just how i feel.

that, and helpless.

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