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Tuesday, March 02, 2010
my letter to bunning
If you would like to write to him yourself,

Senator Bunning,
Where were you when the republic president bush and his
administration were turning a surplus into a massive
deficit, making wars in foreign countries against
peoples who have not threatened this country? why is it
only now that a democrat is president of the United States
of America, that you have decided that the government should
be allowed to grind to a halt, that the unemployed should lose
their ability to meet the most basic expenses of life during
this time of high unemployment and economic uncertainty? When
it was a matter of the USA sending our young across the world
to kill and be killed, deficit spending was totally hunky dory.
But now that the issue is the economic well being of the American
people, you decide it has to be paid for now. it is abundantly
obvious that since you have your needs well taken care of,
you could not care less that kids will go hungry and more
people will lose their homes and their investments in
those homes due to circumstances entirely out of their
control. I am just outraged at your cavalier and heartless
actions and words.
I read your biography; apparently you attend a catholic church.
Now I am not a religious person but I think I remember something
about Jesus Christ and a camel through the eye of a needle - something
about the least among us. Any of that ring a bell?
Does your conscience ever bother you? Do you ever, ever,
ever take off the partisan republic persona and consider
the welfare of all of the citizens of this country instead
of politics!?
Your actions, and those of your fellow republic senators,
have been infantile and destructive since President Obama
took office over one year ago. You pretend that the democrats
aren't working with you but when they bend over backward to do
just that, you cower and continue to refuse to do the business
of governing. Now you have coldly made the decision to hold up
the business of the senate with regard to actions that NEED to
be taken to avoid truly dire circumstances for a substantial
number of people.
If most of the Republic senators in congress today were working
in the private sector they would be terminated. This Democrat
hopes your constituents see the truth about the Republics
before the next election. I am constantly astonished at how low,
how mean, and how senseless you and too many of your Republic
colleagues have behaved since the Democrat moved into the WH.
Get over yourself - you are a servant of the people of the USA.
Start doing your job.
Barbara Bales

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