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Sunday, March 28, 2010
Local Weather Alert for Raleigh, NC - weather.com
Local Weather Alert for Raleigh, NC - weather.com

so that was a weird dream i just had.
woke up in a sweat and found out we are
in a tornado watch. the wind is howling outside,
i'm sweating bullets inside.

dealing cards to too many people, people i
was suddenly sure i wasn't supposed to have
invited to the game. we were going to play
some kind of two-card guts game. i had to
explain it to them.

a coworker arrived late and took the deck
and set it back down now three decks thick.
i couldn't shuffle that many cards at once.
i handed half of it to a different co-worker
and went to work.

there was a lot more i can't include.
details. bills with their names on them.
the whole time i'm thinking i am screwed,
i am going to lose my job, my boss is
on the other side of the room seething
because i did this, and sweating. sweating.

finally i woke up sweating and lay there
for a minute feeling the blood pounding
through my temples. briefly wondered if
this is what a stroke feels like.

then i got up, checked the weather channel
(wind is wailing through the tiny crack in
the window i have for air), and stepped out
on the balcony to cool off.

i guess it wasn't a stroke. yet.

- posted by barbara @ 3/28/2010 06:37:00 PM
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