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Saturday, March 28, 2009
The Mudflats � In Exposing the Identity of Mudflats, Rep. Mike Doogan Exposes Himself.
The Mudflats � In Exposing the Identity of Mudflats, Rep. Mike Doogan Exposes Himself.
If I were to appear, as many of you
have, at a political rally and I were
to hold up a sign that expressed my
opinion, I don’t have to sign my name
on the bottom. And if someone wants
to come online and read my diary, they
are free to do so. And if they want
to disagree, that’s OK too.

It said in my “About” page that I choose
to remain anonymous. I didn’t tell anyone
why. I might be a state employee.
I might not want my children to get
grief at school. I might be fleeing
from an ex-partner who was abusive and
would rather he not know where I am.
My family might not want to talk to me
anymore. I might alienate my best friend.
Maybe I don’t feel like having a brick
thrown through my window. My spouse might
work for the Palin administration. Maybe
I’d just rather people not know where I
live or where I work. Or none of those
things may be true. None of my readers,
nor Mike Doogan had any idea what my personal
circumstances might be. But that didn’t seem to matter.
What appears to matter to Rep. Doogan is that
either 1) he feels that if he “outs” me, he’ll
change what I have to say, or keep me from saying
anything. 2) he gets to play mystery detective
(like in his books) and believes people will
think he’s really cool for figuring it out, or
3) he feels like getting revenge. He knows I
want to remain anonymous, so he’s going to take
it away. In any of those three scenarios, he didn’t
think it was important to get the bigger picture.

been reading up on this story for ages -
actually hours. along with many others i am
outraged by what this state representative
did to one of the best writers going. i found
mudflats during the presidential campaign
(sarah palin? who's sarah palin?). i visit
frequently because she is simply a great
writer. and as she stated so well her
reason or reasons for remaining anonymous
are hers.

i am not anonymous. i also don't get thousands
of visitors to my blog, never did, even when
i did have a handful of fans, it was never a
large number. the reason i choose not to be
anonymous is because i have a cause that is
personal. i have a history that has created
that cause. and as a writer i would like to
be known.

i haven't been writing. not for the blog.
not poems. not diary, nothing. working long
hours, lazy, what-have-you. i read constantly
and Mudflats is simply one of the best.
anonymous or not.

personally i hope she continues to blog and
rides the wave of recognition to great fortune.
she deserves it. and i hope she sues the pants
off mike doogan, who based on some comments i
have read today, could even have exposed
himself to criminal action.

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