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Tuesday, September 16, 2008
Today I want to talk to you about what that Republican
Congress has been doing to you, and to your families, and
to your country.

Understand me, when I speak of what the Republicans have
been doing, I'm not talking about the average Republican
voter. Nobody knows better than I that man for man,
individually, most Republicans are fine people. But
there's a big distinction between the individual Republican
voter and the policies of the Republican Party.

Something happens to Republican leaders when they get
control of the Government or even of a part of the
Government--something that shocks and dismays many
of their own loyal supporters.

Republicans in Washington have a habit of becoming
curiously deaf to the voice of the people. They have
a hard time hearing what the ordinary people of the
country are saying. But they have no trouble at all
hearing what Wall Street is saying. They are able to
catch the slightest whisper from big business and the
special interests.

When I talk to you here today about Republicans, I am
talking about the party that gets most of its campaign
funds from the special interests in Wall Street. I am
talking to you about the party that gave us the phony
boom of the 1920's, and the Hoover depression which
followed it. I am talking to you about the party that
gave us that Republican 80th Congress.

The Republican Party today is controlled by silent
and cunning men who have a dangerous lust for power
and privilege. The Republican Party is fundamentally
the party of privilege. These men are now reaching
out for control of the country and its resources.

It is your votes which will decide whether or not
they have their way. That is why I have come out
here today.

I want you to know the facts.

Harry Truman, 1948

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