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Saturday, September 27, 2008
thoughts on the bailout
i moved out of los angeles
or more concisely, the cost of living in los angeles kicked me out.
all the way to NC, where i was fortunate enough to find a really
good job and my rent is a mere 1/2 of what it was back home. but
here's the rub: two of my surviving children, my grandchildren,
and my daughter's bones are still in CA. my third son is so
homesick he tells me he'll go live in a foster home if only
he can go back to CA. NC is not home. i'm an economic refugee.
the fucking ceo's bankers and financiers can kiss my ass and
scrape their way across the country as far as i'm concerned.
after all when you got nothing, you got nothing to lose.

what i hate about the way this is playing out is that the
republicans will get what they want (the bailout) while
pretending to be the only members of congress who are
responsive to their constituents (90 to 1 AGAINST the bailout).
this is a lose/lose for everyone in this country EXCEPT the
ceo's bankers and financiers. as usual the republicans have
politicized this, and the democrats are too responsible to
respond in kind. but at this point i think they should each
and every one of them, take the pulse of their constituents,
and let that consensus guide their actions. if we go down,
we go down together and we can blame ourselves.

i don't think we'll go down. there were no WMD's. it was
lies, lies, lies, why should i believe them now? i don't.
i simply do not.

i'd go for this: take all the money we're pouring into
wars that should not even be happening into new technologies,
health care, education, and infrastructure. put people to work,
then put working people into all those empty homes. life is
going to go on. let it be equitable.

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