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Saturday, August 23, 2008
Patty O'Grady: John McCain in a New Context
Patty O'Grady: John McCain in a New Context:
"In 1973, “patriotism” was traded like a commodity and
heroes were used as political props. Essentially, the
architects of both Vietnam and Iraq (Cheney, Rumsfeld, et. al.)
launched a highly successful propaganda campaign (remember
the Private First Class Jessica Lynch POW shameful sequel)
using Vietnam POWS - at least the ones that were willing to
be used wittingly or unwittingly - in an attempt to prop up
the failing Nixon administration. Yet, if Mr. McCain is now
intent on running on his character and his war record almost -
because he has nothing else to offer - while suggesting that
others do not care about their country as much as he does -
then the wife and daughter of two other Vietnam heroes has
a few questions for him:

In the interest of full disclosure why do you refuse to
release your Department of Defense POW debriefing?

In the interest of full disclosure why have you failed
to release all military medical records including
psychological studies - 1973-1993?"

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