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Wednesday, August 29, 2007
how do i feel about moving to NC
which is a decided reality:
scared. anticipatory. terrified. excited. worried.
exhilarated. exhausted [permanently?]. determined.
petrified. fret fret fret, yooHOO! ohshit, ohyeah!

crazy. 'bout half crazy at least, or at best. worst
case i'll be taken off the street before i get to NC
for incorrigible insanity in the presence of a minor

and i just keep thinking about the turtles and the
cedar chest and the room in the car - what to take
what to store what to jettison. i have kind of a
plan related to that but a hellalot of anxiety.

this much is for sure: rory and i are moving to NC.

breathe, barbara, breathe

love you, i'll try you again tomorrow

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