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Monday, April 30, 2007
Save Bernie's Farm!
Save Bernie's Farm!it's amazing - while the current
administration wages their illegal war of aggression, -
as top level members of the cabinet the white house
staff and the justice department (not to mention all
the rest)- as elections are stolen, citizens are
spied upon without warrants or a clue, while who knows
how many people have been renditioned by this
administration, labeled "enemy combatants," jailed
without charges and tortured without habeas corpus or
legal counsel - while they lie, brazenly, to
congress and their constituents we the people...

you get it. i cannot actually complete the thought
as the wrongs deceptions crimes and outrages are
so numerous and so wrong. how it all relates to
the link above is simply this: this man, an
educated professional who advocates the use of
marijuana for medicinal purposes, has been living
in a halfway house
for a year, has incurred legal
fees of around $300,000, and is now being
threatened with the loss of his farm under
forfeiture laws - and why?

He was growing pot on his property.

so, it's like this: the war on drugs is in
reality a war on families and otherwise
(by and large - exceptions there are of
course, but then, think again, to the
gw administration, the most despicable
rogues i know of at this point in time)
decent citizens.

The war on terror is nothing less than
war on the american way of life.
it is a war on our democracy, a war on
the rule of law. they have declared the
constitution and the bill of rights
expendable. as expendable as the lives
of the innocent civilians killed in
their wars, as expendable as the lives
of american and coalition soldiers, as
expendable as the truth, which they go
to great lengths to avoid having to share.

the world is upside down these days.
right and wrong are inside out. the
criminals inhabit the highest offices
of a once admirable and striving
government of, by, and for the
people. Now it's more like the
people - specially the poor people -
are paying for a government of, for and
by greedy murderous neocons with
visions of hegemony dancing in their
heads and their hands grasping tightly
to the wealth they plunder and waste, and
call their own.

and gw plays guitar and campaigns
while a great old city floods and people
drown waiting for assistance. miners die
in collapses that were entirely predictable
but not avoided because the CEO's of the
corporations that consider profit
much more important than people now
run the agencies that once upon a time were
created to act as advocates for the less
powerful and rich. and for the natural
environment...now, these are expendable
as well. most of the Oglalas don't
have access to clean running water?

read this, too:
A single scandalous fish in a river full of crimes

and rambo murders bekah, and spends 2 years 3 months
in prison, while bernie languishes in a halfway
house and risks financial ruin and homelessness
and he does not even have a victim, at all.

more opposites brought to us by the most
spectacularly terrible administration in the
history of the united states. victims are
criminals and killers are presidents. treasonous
felons are tireless devoted public servants
(as in Scooter Libby - and never did i hear
the white house's lack of outrage or disappointment
or their failure to mention at any time that
the outing of Valerie Plame and the lying
to congress, the grand jury, and the people
are crimes when committed by a "tireless devoted
public servant" questioned by a mainstream reporter).

could go on for days, unfortunately. but what's
the use. if you can spare it, Bernie has a paypal
link for assistance with his legal bills and
the campaign to keep his home.

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