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Saturday, April 28, 2007
Petition to gw to sign the War Spending Bill
Give 'Em Hell Harry

the comments i added directed to gwbush, with absolutely no
expectation that this will make a whit of difference even if
every single voting citizen of the united states were to sign

end the war
and resign before you are impeached. prepare to pay the
consequences for the myriad crimes committed by you and
your administration.

not that i expect you to listen to me when it is obvious
you do not listen to the people, your advisers, or anyone
or anything that does not fit your twisted idea of what you
should or will do. nor does it appear to bother you in the
least that thousands of people have lost their lives prematurely
both here and abroad because of your installation of inept
cronies into important government positions, and because of
your wrongheaded insistence on making the US the bully of the world.

be smart, be humble, be realistic for once in your life.
sign the bill

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