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Wednesday, December 27, 2006
someone said "enough"
on DU and i replied,
good gawd we passso long ago it's truly pathetic. TRULY pathetic!
In the past two days i have shared with more than one person
my fear that the democrats are going to politic all this shit -
that if the bushies are not made to PAY for their crimes,
i will be very bitter.

bitter, yes. how i have fought bitter in my life...my romantic
history is dismal. my daughter was murdered with absolute
contempt by a drunk enraged lowlife who to this day has never
uttered a syllable of remorse or even admitted that it is
her fault that a brilliant beautiful healthy 21-year-old
is dead. i have struggled to raise four children almost
entirely by myself, and with my youngest only 14, continue
to do so every day.

my parents were both dead by the time i was 25. i have
fought and fought and fought against bitter. i have
recognized, i believed, that bitter would only eat me up
from the inside.

talk about taking a lemon and turning it into lemonade!
good gawd it's been a ride. and i kept my love. with
my daughter's help (her spirit very demonstrative in
my life for all of the five and 1/2 years since she
was killed) i nurtured whatever faith remained after
her death and built on it, built on it. i wrote a book.
i do good works for the sake of hopefully sparing one
child from a premature death, one mother from the hell
through which i have traveled, sometimes on my feet,
sometimes on my knees, often on my belly, wailing.

the crimes and outrages - genocide - war for prophet
- irradiated ammunition - incompetence that approaches
and exceeds the absurd (i mean my 8-year-old grandson
would make a better president!) - trashing the
constitution, stripping the citizenry of their rights,
murdering our young in foreign wars and murdering
our poor and old right here in New Orleans...treasonous
outing of a covert operative - for politics.

HOW can anybody not see that the impeachment,
imprisonment, indictment, conviction, and punishment
of these indescribably slimy bastards is way overdue?!
If the newly elected congress intends to do the job
they will be sworn to do, this must happen. and fast.
cause the body count rises and rises, and won't stop rising.

way way past enough, more than enough, much much too much.

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