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Thursday, November 09, 2006
Lawndale driver gets nearly 28 years in deadly crash case
Lawndale driver gets nearly 28 years in deadly crash case

Yet another news story that fairly screams,
"your daughter was just chopped linver"
to me.

Understand. The sentence is fair. What is NOT fair
and continues to burn bitterness into my soul is
the four years Bekah's murderer was sentenced to.

four years. she did 2 years and change. and my
daughter is NOT, nor was she EVER, chopped liver.

need i say more? possibly not. but rest assured
i will say more, and over and over, because this
keeps happening and who has a clue about how to
rectify it? Justice is a joke in this world,
these days.

Some people even say that the murderous
criminal AKA the POTUS, gwbush, should not
be impeached. not. eh.

harder to blog these days. i have such
straight and honorable priorities, but no
vitamins. I work all day, walk, ride the bus,
ride Rory do your homework do your homework
do it do it do it [that's my homework, riding
Rory to do his].

it's not a bad life. but it goes too fast. i for
sure gotta meet up with trader darwin ASAP.

in the good news dept, YEAH DEMOCRATS - we might
be on the way to getting our country back. let's all
work on , ok? ok

peace out. amen

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