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Friday, November 10, 2006
finally figgered how to share a video
Free Hugs ReUppies

get ready for more.

dontcha just love the web?

aren't ya just jazzed that the rebubs are out of power?
now we JUST MIGHT see a couple checks. an undoubtedly
slow climb to balance: the balance that makes a
democracy work. maybe, maybe, before i die, i will
see some justice upon the planet.

and oh yeah! YEAH!!!!

my son's girlfriend's first ultrasound was yesterday. She'd
been somewhat irregular; her due date was adjusted. To June 22,
the early date, and July 6, the last date.

Ergo, if she has not given birth by the baby' Auntie Bekah's
27th birthday on July 6, 2007, she will on that day,
by inducement.

How's that for a sign from the other side?

i love my daughter so much. Please comment, should you
read this: can you understand that? that even though
she died, was killed, 13 days after turning 21, my
daughter finds ways. She finds ways.

so if i am crazy so be it. i do not think i am. i think -no,
i know, that as a mother in this life i have been blessed even
more than i was cursed. the blessing of bekah has at times
been swamped by the tragedy of her premature death at the
hands of a stranger. but the blessing is and was and continues
to be so huge, so real, so manifest and demonstrated in my
life that plods along in the body of this ain't-getting-any-younger-
poor-single-bereaved-lonely-tired-sore- but still!
with hope in her, me.


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