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Wednesday, August 02, 2006
blog explosion
i was going to post my blogmarks from blog explosion.
apparently blogger doesn't like that language.

i was fired from my job yesterday. more later,
the stress has exhausted my emotions. i should not have
been, and it wasn't about my job performance.

but it is a fact that i am out of work again.

and my dick ex boss is refusing to pay me. damn

anyhow. for today i have been at full tilt poker for much
of the day, somewhat of a zombie playing online poker.and
i decided to surf the blog explosion blogs as i played, and
was struck by a couple of things that stand out as different
from back in 2002 when i began blogging. one is there are
very few dead links, and the other is that there are just
so many good and interesting writers with their lives and
their opinions and their poems and all - and they're pretty
friggin cool.

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