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Monday, July 17, 2006
the 31st book of 2006
Kaddish by Allen ginsberg
an excerpt from death to van gogh's ear! in which Ginsberg writes:

...money has reckoned the soul of America
The American Century betrayed by a mad Senate which no longer sleeps with its wife

Nobody publishes a word that is not the cowardly robot ravings
of a depraved mentality

fiends in our government have invented a cold-turkey cure for
addiction as obsolete as the Defense Early Warning
Radar System.


History will make this poem prophetic....

which it has. damn eery in fact if you ask me. which you did not.

and this morning after completing my perusal of the book, which i picked up in a
bookstore in SoHo in 1982 during my only vist to NYC, and after
having determined to blog ginsberg and perhaps even
hm. never mind that, not right now. it is after 8 am. i must work

anyhow. i spilled my creme soda, and didn't know it - and my
origing City Lights edition of Kaddish
just went worthless, i guess.

but i recommend the book enthusiastically. i know i read it when i bought it,
but obviously i did not read it closely. and i was married then, with young
children. bushies had not hijacked the democracy of the USA. because this time
around for the first time i felt i really got ginsberg, and found much to esteem
in this book.

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