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Tuesday, May 16, 2006
bekah's purse
Tonight i did something i haven't done for probably close
to four years: i went through Bekah's purse, the purse that
was torn up, the purse that holds the last little specks
of the tissue that lived upon Bekah and upon which she
depended to be a living breathing human...anyhow. i found
a few items i felt to be of interest.

bekah's drivers license

a little angel - ain't that something?

i doubt that Bekah really felt this way about men, though she
did at the time of her death, enjoy the loving devotion of at
least four young men. In the year before her death, however, Bekah
had suffered a broken heart - her second I believe, and her worst.
I was so very proud of her though: she never forgot her own worth,
and never let it stop her from her forward moving.

bekah smoking...a tiny picture off a tiny picture that had
to be edited to protect the cohort. :) i forgive all, all, my
darling girl, if you will too - believing you do....

a fortune saved

Not from in her purse, but a picture i love a lot. Bekah's about
four years old here.
Hit and Run Suspect

every so often i make sure her press release is still online.

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