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Saturday, March 11, 2006
Do you consider yourself smarter than the people who believed
Do you consider yourself smarter than the people who believed
i responded,
maybe. in 2000 my son mentioned he might enlist and i
said, "at least wait til after the election because
if bush wins he's going to throw a war," and i was
right. not that he won, but that he threw a war. but
what difference does it make? because a terrible
tragic thing was predictable. if it means i'm
smarter then it does. that won't save a single
life. the question to me is how can it be that
this administration has so much power that they
have just about succeeded in stripping our
nation of its very democracy, and all the
smarts in the world have not as of yet been
successful in stemming the tide. how can so
many people from illiterate and downright
stupid to erudite and even brilliant support
war? ignore what their government is doing?!
after the first gulf war i went on out of the
loop for a long time. i always voted, but i
didn't pay attention to much of the news.
then bush strongarmed an election. then my
daughter was murdered. less than 2 months
later 9-11 happened, and in spite of the
overwhelming grief i struggled with i could
no longer ignore what was happening to my
country tis of thee. remember, the one of,
for, and by the people? remember that USA?

what's the point of the question? my answer is yes.

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