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Thursday, September 01, 2005
what they are saying
The counting of the casualties shall continue,
and the number of same shall rise. There are the
lost who have yet to be found, and there are those
who may yet succumb, deprived as they are of food
and clean water and surrounded by contamination.

i just look, and cry...overwhelming.

today on the way to work, hearing about the shortcomings
of the responding agencies in place, about their apparent
inability to effect any meaningful relief to people dispossessed
and endangered in such incomprehensibly large numbers, i had
what seemed at the time to be a good idea.

sponsors. who might be out that way who could get up lists,
of families, to match with those of us more fortunate and out
of harm's way, to help those people get to dry land, a potable
supply of water, and in a position to rebuild their lives?

what do you think? right now even throwing money at the red cross seems
nearly useless...as if i had any.

bekah still plays songs for me. yesterday was a flood day
[in the psychological sense of the word, no pun intended] -
i spent the better part of the morning crying. driving through santa monica, along came ooh child, and i imagined floating into the
superdome at new orleans and leading the people in song...

imagined the people feeling better, feeling hopeful.

ooh, child things are gonna get easier
ooh, child things are gonna get brighter...

someday...when the world is much brighter

i just wish. wish there was a way to make this better
right this minute. amen that's my prayer

late edit:

de lurker
check out a way bloggers can help. and come comment on my
blog come saturday, please? i'll muster up a buck for every
comment i get and i will give it to the red cross for katrina's victims.

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