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Saturday, September 10, 2005
Release Vacant Military Bases for Hurricane Katrina Victims Petition

Cindy Sheehan last night
Support Veterans
For Peace Relief Effort in Covington, LA | Crawford Peace House

it took until yesterday to get paid. a little scary...but
anyhow i did, and just in time too, because yesterday MFSO sent me
an email telling me about the event at the
agape spiritual center
last night.

i'm running out of time. another event today,
at Leimert Park, and that's after grief group.

but first, quickly, why i chose not to give to the red cross.
from an email sent to me by michele,
my angel and benefactor,
who lost everything last year in florida's
but fukk thee red cross, they wouldn't even give
me a tarp. in this afermath, they have driven by,
makeshift homesslashtents and such and haven't
stropped or stopped with enough to feed 15 people.
i sincerely believe most of those donations go
back into the government's pockets. From what I hear,
the red cross gives less than
Mercy Core does to the project.

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