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Wednesday, September 28, 2005
Peace now.
believe in peace
another picture or two from last saturday, the
los angeles march to end the war in iraq.

i totally disagree with the premise that supporting our troops
means rah-rah-ing them as they are forced to foreign
lands to kill and be killed. bring them home, heal their
wounds, keep them living.

in other news, i re-totaled my car today. sigh. mormor's
headed for that ol' junkyard in the sky, and i'm studying
bus schedules.

impeachment is patriotic
it was energizing, galvanizing, to march and chant and know
that i am NOT alone, i do NOT exist in a vacuum, i am NOT crazy.

nor am i unpatriotic. i unapologetically cop to the following:
i am a liberal.
i am a humanist.
i am a lover.
i believe in spirit.
i wore my babys shoes
the shoes my daughter bekah wore and was pulled out of on
july 19, 2001, when she was killed crossing the street
thirteen days after her 21st birthday. they had been
placed in a grocery bag and handed tenderly to me by the
detective who worked so hard to get her killer charged with the
crime of murder. before we left for the march i untied for the first
time the last bow Bekah ever tied. and decided, these will be
my marching shoes.

on the way home i learned something about those shoes, too.
but for now i can say, they served me well last saturday.

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